• Successfully Raising Children as a Single Parent
  • How to Effectively Communicate With Your Children as a Single Dad
  • Effectively Co-Parenting as a Single Dad
  • Turning Your Adversity Into an Opportunity as a Single Parent
  • Raising Emotionally Healthy Children as a Single Parent

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Are you in need of lively, informative or even controversial input on Single Parenting for your group? Are you in need of a full-time single dad who has experienced alcoholism, divorce and death while raising his two children full time

For an uplifting talk that is sure to enchant your group you can count on Bill McLeod to deliver. His story is both heart warming and inspirational.

As founder of and host of the weekly Bill McLeod Radio Program “Helping Single Parents Succeed”, Bill has been interviewed and featured by media outlets across the country. Bill has built a reputation for solid presence, smooth content delivery and considerable flexibility. He will make you laugh, cry and think, but most of all he will make your audience better parents because of their time together.

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Bill McLeod