Please consult the links below as you help other men take a stand against domestic violence.

Featured Resource

Beyond Silence and Violence: Engaging Men in Advocacy Against and Prevention of Domestic Violence (PDF) Webinar Recording (YouTube) Webinar Slides (PDF)


Colorado Men Against Domestic Violence - Coaching Young Men in the Fight to End Teen Dating Violence (PDF)

Confessions of Monsters: Exploring gender violence in the horror genre to enhance media literacy in primary prevention programming. (video and toolkit)

Fathers and Domestic Violence - National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (PDF)

Facts on Children and Domestic Violence (PDF)

10 Things Men Can Do To End Men's Violence Against Women

Coaching Boys into Men

Connect with Kids – Teachable Moments . . . Teach Early. Teach Often.

Toolkit For Working With Men And Boys

Athletes part of the problem, solution
ESPN examines domestic violence perpetrated by college athletes and what universities across the country are doing to fight the issue.

Creating Emotional Connections With Your Son (PDF File)

How to Raise a Street Smart Kid/Be An Askable Adult (PDF File)

Sexual Abuse resources

CMADV Monthly Newsletters
Written by Tyler Osterhaus, chair of the CMADV campaign, these newsletters provide insight into campaign activities, collaborations with domestic violence service providers and national media stories/research on domestic violence issues. Click on a link below to learn more:

September 2010 (PDF File)
October 2010 (PDF File)
November 2010 (PDF File)
December 2010 (PDF File)
January 2011 (PDF File)
April 2011 (PDF File)
May 2011 (PDF File)
November 2011 (PDF File)

Click on these attachments - Meeting Minutes (November 2011) and Meeting Overview - to learn more about current and future CMADV initiatives.

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