As an expectant or new father, your life as a dad is just beginning. The connections you build with your child during these first few months will make an incredible impact on their development. The following links will connect you to available resources, classes and interactive activities for new dads.

Boot Camp for New Dads in Colorado
These workshops are a must for all first-time dads! Boot Camp for New Dads is available as a one session workshop and is led by men for men. In the one day workshop, you will be oriented to all of the aspects of new fatherhood by the experts - new fathers and their two to three-month old babies. Topics include gatekeeper phenomenon, troubleshooter's guide to crying babies, Dad's tool box, caring for new moms, birth and bonding, what to expect postpartum, working/family balance and your role as protector.

Schuyler Totman, Master Coach for Boot Camp for New Dads, is the guest on the Jon of All Trades 4/1/2015 Podcast

Eric Decker enlists in Boot Camp for New Dads

Power of Two provides interactive games for new dads to give them the skills they'll need to deal with crying babies, changing diapers, etc. Click here to play a few of their games on the Colorado Dads website.

10 Tips for New Dads
From WebMD

Doug Gertner's go-to guide with hands-on month-by-month advice, tools, and strategies for every grateful dad. Follow the Daddy Steps Model from Delivery  to Delight, and record monthly progress on the Gratitude Journal pages. Easy reading for fathers, mothers, family members, and caregivers, this invaluable resource offers answers to parent’s most pressing questions with an emphasis on baby care, life balance and their primary relationship.(76 pages; softcover, perfect bound. ISBN 978-0-9910743-1-0)

The Postpartum Dads Project
The Postpartum Dads Project focuses on the male experience during the Postpartum Period and our goal is to collect stories from dads about their brush with depression - either personal or their partner’s experience. We hope to encourage fathers to come together to remove the stigma, fear, shame and silence that so often surrounds this unspoken illness.

Colorado Bright Beginnings
Colorado Bright Beginnings' programs are free for all Colorado parents and are available in both English and Spanish. Parents are given a bag of valuable books and materials that help educate and support them as parents. Their programs are focused on the parents and their needs by creating an interactive visit experience. Visitors personalize the discussion and provide parents with resources and tools that support their individualized parenting questions and concerns. 

Fussy Baby Network Colorado
All babies cry, but some cry more than others. One in five babies is fussy—difficult to comfort and may have trouble feeding and sleeping. For parents, caring for a fussy baby can be exhausting and frustrating. There is no quick fix—but there is help. Call Fussy Baby Network® Colorado, our program for parents who have concerns about their baby’s fussiness during the first year of life.

The Daddy Book
Designed to guide new dads through the stages of infant development, this workbook provides facts, inspiration and support - all in one place. Made available through a collaborative effort of St. Cloud ECFE Program, Initiative Foundation, Brainerd Lakes Early Childhood Coalition and other Minnesota partners.

10 Things Moms-to-Be Should Know About a New Dad (PDF File)
A resource from Boot Camp for New Dads and the New Moms Hearts & Minds Project.

What to Expect When You're Expecting: Tips and Resources for New and Expectant Fathers
Community column from the Be There for Your Kids campaign.