Fathers and Early Childhood Programs  by Jay Fagan and Glen Palm. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Learning, 2004, 320 pp. (PDF File). Reviewed by Rich Batten. To order this book, visit amazon.com.

Group Parent Education: Promoting Parent Learning and Support by Deborah Campbell and Glen F. Palm, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2004, 250 pp. (PDF File). Reviewed by Rich Batten.

An additional resource for the Group Parenting review is Developing a Model of Reflective Practice for Improving Fathering Programs. (PDF File)

When Boys Become Parents by Mark S. Kiselica. (PDF File). Reviewed by Rich Batten.

“Dads Behaving Dadly ; 67 Truths, Tears and Triumphs of Modern Fatherhood” is a collection of stories from ALL types of dads in the USA, Canada and Australia. The book includes stories from working, at-home, divorced, single, step dads and dads of children with special needs.

The Grateful Dad’s Guide to the First Year of Fatherhood: How to Parent Your Newborn with Passion, Joy & Gratitude Doug Gertner's go-to guide with hands-on month-by-month advice, tools, and strategies for every grateful dad. Follow the Daddy Steps Model from Delivery  to Delight, and record monthly progress on the Gratitude Journal pages. Easy reading for fathers, mothers, family members, and caregivers, this invaluable resource offers answers to parent’s most pressing questions with an emphasis on baby care, life balance and their primary relationship.(76 pages; softcover, perfect bound. ISBN 978-0-9910743-1-0)