• Healthy Father-Child Relationships: A protective developmental influence throughout development
  • Adding fatherhood services to existing community programs
  • Demonstrating your organization’s dedication to father friendly services
  • Using individualized screening tools to engage and efficiently serve fathers
  • Sad Dads: Under-identification of postpartum depression in fathers
  • Fatherhood Blueprints: Evidence-based fatherhood programs
  • Beginning the process of demonstrating beneficial impacts from fatherhood services

John Holmberg, Psy.D., is the father of two and a clinical psychologist with expertise in community-based family interventions. He attended CU-Boulder (B.A. – Psychology), Baylor University (M.S. & Psy.D. – Clinical Psychology) and completed two years of fellowship at the Yale University Child Study Center. For the past seven years, he has been a researcher at the Prevention Research Center for Family and Child Health at the University of Colorado. In this role, Dr. Holmberg has been studying the impacts of a nurse-home visitation model that assists first-time mothers and fathers in making the transition to parenthood and building foundational skills for life success. Dr. Holmberg has provided consultations and fatherhood training sessions across the country. He is a trainer of the National Fatherhood Initiative’s Dr. Dad and Inside-Out Dad curricula. Recently, he joined a collaborative which is developing the imDAD program, an interactive visually-based fatherhood curriculum for first-time low-income fathers.

Contact Info:
John Holmberg, Psy.D.
12460 W. Fair Dr., Suite 200
Littleton, CO 80127