Participation in after school activities can help children mature and thrive. The danger comes when parents over-schedule their kids and find themselves under-connected as a family. Dads more than moms tend to introduce their children to the world outside of the family, but many dads also have a tendency to try to make their child a more heroic version of themselves. If you haven’t gotten the picture yet – balance is the key.

Take a look at the resources below for guidance on nurturing your child’s extracurricular activities without sacrificing your family.

Sports Coaching
Options and requirements for dads who want to get involved.

Center for Sports Parenting

Putting Family First
Putting Family First works to raise awareness about the crucial connections between parents and children and helps families find balance in their lives.

After school activities can change a child's life
By Janet Benavente, Colorado State University Extension Family and Consumer Science, Adams County - September 5, 2006

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS: Organized Sports for Children and Preadolescents

Positive Coaching Alliance