The quality of a man’s marital relationship impacts his relationship with his kids. The important role of single and non-custodial parents in promoting the well-being of their children cannot be overstated. And yet, research indicates that, on average, children raised in healthy, married two-parent families fare better on a variety of outcomes than children raised in other families.

While there are many descriptions of a healthy marriage, several lines of research indicate that a healthy marriage is a mutually satisfying relationship that is beneficial to the husband, wife and children (if present). It is a safe, non-violent relationship in which both partners are committed to ongoing growth, the use of effective communication skills and the use of successful conflict management skills.

The following links and resources can help you develop and nurture the best relationship possible for you, your partner and your kids!

Couple Communication provides programs, materials, and certified instructors to help couples: communicate skillfully, resolve conflicts collaboratively, build satisfying relationships with family, friends and people at work and elsewhere.

The Gottman Institute, co-founded by Drs. John and Julie Schwartz Gottman, provides workshops and resources for couples, as well as state-of-the-art training to mental health professionals and other health care providers.

The Healthy Marriage Project is designed to promote positive change for unmarried pregnant couples, engaged couples, married couples and individual high school and college students. The organization's website features video clips and trainings on building successful marriages.

The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center (NHMRC) is a national resource and clearinghouse for information and research relating to healthy marriages. The Resource Center strives to be a "first–stop shop" for marriage and family trends and statistics, marriage education and programming, scholarly research and the latest news and events.

Peer Assistance Services Healthy Relationships Program partners with community agencies in the Denver and surrounding areas to provide relationship education to strengthen low-income families and communities by improving the quality, stability and longevity of relationships. The program helps to strengthen current relationships and promote healthy, committed relationships for couples; provide singles with skills to make good partner choices; provide skill training that enhances relationships in areas predictive of success; and to foster healthier relationships which benefit the individual, couples and families.

Power of Two provides learning tools for couples who want a loving and long-lasting relationship and for organizations that want to convey these skills to their communities. The Web site includes online skill learning games for couples.

Power of Two: Expectant Parents gives couples skills that can enable them to nurture their children as a strong parental team. This portion of the site includes an online skills game for expectant parents.

PREP (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) is one of the most comprehensive and well respected divorce-prevention/marriage enhancing programs in the world. PREP is a skills and principles-building curriculum designed to help partners say what they need to say, get to the heart of problems and increase their connection with each other.

Smart Marriages: The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education
The Coalition is non-denominational, non-partisan and non-sectarian organization dedicated to making marriage education more widely available. Visit this link for video excerpts from the Smart Marriages annual conference.

The broad range of PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) programs, developed by Lori Heyman Gordon, Ph.D., provide a comprehensive system to enhance self-knowledge and to develop the ability to sustain pleasurable intimate relationships. Gordon's approach integrates a wide range of theories and methods from psychology, education and psycotherapy and presents them in an educational format. PAIRS acts to bridge therapy, marital enrichment and marriage and family development.