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Resources for Dads
The National Fatherhood Initiative

10 Ways to Be A Better Dad
Resources from the National Fatherhood Initiative

A Full Day of Fun: 16 Hours of Activities Bringing Parents and Kids Together
Activities from the Be A Fan of Your Kid website.

Child and Teen Safety on the Internet
Parental advice on providing safe Internet use.

Creating Emotional Connections with Your Son (PDF File)
Resources from the Be There for Your Kids and Colorado Men Against Domestic Violence campaigns.

Dads & Daughters
Created by men with daughters, Dads & Daughters improves the lives of fathers, daughters and their families with outstanding resources supporting fathers’ and stepfathers’ positive involvement in girls’ lives and advocacy for girls’ well being. 

Dad Talk Blog
Conversations from the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse.

Tips on making the most of your child's first three years
The decision to leave one's child (or children) at home without parental supervision is typically a difficult one for both the child and parent.This guide will help.
Girl Power? (Video)
This is a special 3-part series about dads and daughters produced by Modern Dads. The focus of this series is on what dads can do to help their daughters develop a strong, healthy voice.
Growing Smart Kids (PDF)
Tips for raising money smart children from the National Fatherhood Initiative.
Healthy Parenting Tips (PDF File)
Resources from the Child Welfare Information Gateway
How to Raise a Street Smart Kid/Be An Askable Adult (PDF File)
Resources from the Be There for Your Kids and Colorado Men Against Domestic Violence campaigns, Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center and Administration for Children and Families, Region VIII.

Parent Portal
From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this site contains tips for parents to give their children healthier and safer lives.

Parent Further
Providing practical, everyday parenting tips and helpful advice for difficult situations, ParentFurther is an online resource that helps parents teach their kids positive values, set clear boundaries and enforce reasonable consequences, find support an knowledge to help their kids grow up successfully and focus on the things that matter most to their family.

Parent Up
Resources to support children for Denver area parents.

Six Ways Dads (and Moms) Can Connect with Teens (PDF File)
A tip sheet from the Minnesota Fathers and Families Network

Strong Fathers
Calendars of activities for young and elementary school age children.

Spotlight on Students - Kids with Kids
This 75 minute talk show is produced, written and hosted by 17-year-old TeRay Esquibel, as part of the Parent Up Denver program, which encourages young parents to support their children through the use of new and traditional media, outreach and conversation. Kids with Kids, features teen and twenty-something dads talking to Esquibel about their experience being young dad's. The show also features Esquibel's biological dad and their relationship growing up.

The Evolution of a Dad
A new documentary about the ever changing American father.

Adventure Dad
The goal of Adventure Dad is to help dads build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their kids through time spent together on exciting, fun and unique adventures in the great outdoors and other venues.

Resource Reviews

The Modern Dads Handbook by John Badalament. Cole Valley Mill, 2007, 200 pp, reviewed by Rich Batten. (PDF File)

Covering Home: Lessons on the art of fathering from the game of baseball. Jack Petrash. Robins Lane Press, 2000, 116 pp, reviewed by Rich Batten. (PDF File)

Follow this link for websites of both national and international organizations that are working with fathers.