This section provides web links, PDFs and video of recent news stories about fatherhood from news outlets around the world.

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April 21, 2011

9Books to Read: From Fancy Nancy to Cam Jansen

9Books to Read is a program designed to foster a reading relationship between a child and a parent. Each month, 9NEWS recommends nine children's books geared to ages 0-6. Look for them in the 9Books to Read section at your neighborhood Borders or the Denver Public Library. | Read story
April 21, 2011

Multiples in the Military

On June 5th, 2007 Sgt. Simon Baum's platoon was on the road between Forward Operating Bases (FOB), providing security for an engineer company. Halfway to their destination the HUMV's right front tire rolled over a pressure plate IED and blew the vehicle to pieces. Simon suffered the worst injuries with a broken right fibula, broken right forearm, and major damage to his right knee.

Simon's recovery took 2 years and included 15 months in the Warrior Transition Battalion where his mission was to either recover enough to stay in the Army or to transition into civilian life. Simon was determined to stay in and in April 2009 was able to join his current unit.

Then things got challenging. | Read story
April 14, 2011

Delta Man Going for Military Fatherhood Award

Christopher Cady, from Delta, is an active duty sailor in the U.S. Navy. But he's also a single father raising a son who was handed many challenges at birth.

Cady's son Joshua, 11, was born with congenital cytomegalovirus.

He doesn't have the use of his arms and legs and he also can't speak. | Read story
March 31, 2011

A father's choice: Family over Final Four Dreams

At the age of 15, Thabiti “Bruce” Boone watched Magic Johnson and Larry Bird star in the 1979 NCAA Final Four, and a dream was born. One day, he told himself, he’d play in that tournament, captivate the country like those guys, lead one of those magical teams of March. “The Final Four,” Boone said, “was the thing to do.” This was no pipe dream. | Read story
March 30, 2011

Stand Up Dads draw material from life

When a comedian who is also a parent is talking on stage about his offspring, he usually has plenty of material from which to make observations. But using the children as material for the act also means the act must be updated fairly often.

“The challenge is that you do the humor about the kids being young and it is hard not to do that humor any longer,” said Dan St. Paul, one of four Stand Up Dads who will perform April 8 at the Paramount Theatre. “But as the kids get older, you have to do that humor too. So now I do stuff like, ‘My 20-year-old son is attending community college. He got a full ride. He is either going to major in architecture or rock band.’” | Read story
March 30, 2011

Giving the next generation a better chance

According to recent studies on Father Absence in America, 72% of Blacks, 50% of Hispanics and 42% of all American children are born without fathers in the home, and it's costing 100 billion dollars per year.

While the problem is not a new one and has increased over the years, there are very few programs to help change this growing trend. Congress has been asked to address this void and to make grants available to nonprofits that support fathers and families.

A pilot program, Father Figure, is a state initiative out of the Governor's Office and the Friendship House in Bainbridge was selected as the location for the pilot program for entire state. "This is more than just another youth prevention program for Decatur County. This program has the potential to truly rebuild and restore the future of our families in Decatur County." stated Josh Paske, Friendship House Administrative Director. The pilot program targets males, 7th through 11th graders that were hand selected to participate 4 days a month. These 20 males were selected for their leadership potential and their willingness to apply principles for success. | Read story
March 24, 2011

Inmate and child support program under consideration

A father is ordered to pay child support, then runs afoul of the law and finds himself serving time. No longer working, money that had been counted on for the child stops.

It’s an issue across the country, but Carroll County Judge John Simpson is looking at successful programs used elsewhere that have addressed the problem and hopes to bring them to Carroll County’s Child Support Court.

Simpson took part in a recent webinar on problem solving court and one idea being used in Colorado caught his attention. | Read story
March 21, 2011

What about dad? - the Fatherhood Initiative

Spending time with your children is one thing most people would agree is important for both moms and dads.

In this difficult economic time, with so many families where both mom and dad have to work, time for family and children is something most people would enjoy more of. Why then does our thinking change when mom and dad are no longer together? In the majority of situations where mom and dad are not together, mom typically has more time with the child and dad gets scheduled in with what the courts call “parenting time.”

What exactly is “parenting time?” | Read story
March 17, 2011

Time to Focus on Sad Dads

Much is known about postpartum depression in women, but now researchers are calling attention to the plight of depressed fathers.

Depressed fathers are three times as likely to spank their 1-year-old children as fathers who aren’t depressed and far less likely to spend time reading to their children, according to new research published in the medical journal Pediatrics. | Read story
March 17, 2011

Tough economy gets in the way of fatherhood

Maurice Hall wants to be a good dad. However, when money is short and frustrations run high, he and his ex don’t get along and his relationship with his children suffers.

“It’s a lot of stress and drama,” said the 28-year-old father of five children, ages 1-9. “I recently lost my job and cannot pay the full child support, so she doesn’t want me to see my kids.” | Read story

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