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June 2, 2011

With More Single Fathers, a Changing Family Picture

Doing some comparative math in the weeks before Father’s Day, Matthew Weinshenker, an assistant professor of sociology at Fordham University, has calculated that the number of single-father families in the United States has jumped 27 percent in the past decade. Since 1990, it has nearly doubled — to 2.79 million from 1.5 million. That is still only 15 percent of all single parents, but the increase, Dr. Weinshenker says, shows that the picture of American families is changing. | Read story
May 25, 2011

Fostering Fatherhood, One Step at a Time

Some might say they aren’t fit to be fathers, what with several of them having histories of substance abuse and living in broken homes. But still, the men, as diverse in age as in cultural backgrounds, are trying — trying for healthy relationships with their children.

Every Friday afternoon, a group of up to seven such men gather for a class at the nonprofit Homeless Prenatal Program and discuss everything from child custody status to parenting styles and childcare. The fathers are doing all they can to avoid becoming part of a U.S. Census statistic that shows that one in three children come from homes where the biological father is absent.

“There’s this idea of machismo, that we’re men, we’re not supposed to cry or do anything therapeutic,” said Carlos Cortes, the facilitator of the group, which is called F.R.E.E. for Fatherhood Reunification Education Empowerment. | Read story
May 25, 2011

Program aims to fight problem of absentee fathers

Richland County Community Action, a project of the Erie-Huron Counties Community Action Commission, has just kicked off a Fatherhood Initiative to educate fathers on their rights and responsibilities.

Jennifer Jennette, of the community action agency, told Richland County commissioners about the new program, directed primarily at fathers in areas eligible for Community Service Block Grants. | Read story
May 23, 2011

Strengthening fatherhood seen as solution to many societal ills

Poverty, failure in school and behavior problems were among the social ills mentioned as frequently occurring with children with little or no positive relationship with their fathers.

Various local social-service officials joined other concerned adults to discuss these societal issues during a summit Thursday designed to help launch a Stark County project to promote responsible fatherhood. | Read story
May 17, 2011

Soldier Dad Stuns 2nd-Grade Daughter With Surprise Visit At School

Valerie Dell sat stunned, eyes wide, when the scheduled "mystery" guest who dropped by her second-grade classroom Wednesday ended up being someone she knew very well.

“Can’t a daddy surprise his daughter?” U.S. Navy HMC Blair Dell asked as he was reunited with Valerie at Elizabeth Eichelberger Elementary School in Plainfield. Blair has been in Afghanistan for nearly a year.

The 8-year-old girl jumped into her father’s arms for a long hug, happy to have him home and shocked he was actually there, she said. | Read story
May 17, 2011

Delta Man Honored with Military Fatherhood Award

A Navy dad from Delta has just been given a very special honor; Christopher Cady has been given the 2011 National Military Fatherhood Award.

The award will be presented to Cady on his base in June. He's currently stationed on a Navy base near Seattle, Washington.

Cady currently lives in Seattle with his son Joshua. Joshua was born with a congenital disorder that requires constant care, but it's a challenge that Christopher lovingly takes on everyday. | Read story
May 13, 2011

Census: Women top men in advanced degrees; rise in number of stay-at-home fathers

For the first time, American women have passed men in gaining advanced college degrees as well as bachelor's degrees, part of a trend that is helping redefine who goes off to work and who stays home with the kids.

Census figures released Tuesday highlight the latest education milestone for women, who began to exceed men in college enrollment in the early 1980s. The findings come amid record shares of women in the workplace and a steady decline in stay-at-home mothers.

The educational gains for women are giving them greater access to a wider range of jobs, contributing to a shift of traditional gender roles at home and work. Based on one demographer's estimate, the number of stay-at-home dads who are the primary caregivers for their children reached nearly 2 million last year, or one in 15 fathers. The official census tally was 154,000, based on a narrower definition that excludes those working part-time or looking for jobs. | Read story
May 2, 2011

African-American Pastors Unite to Revive Marriage and Fatherhood

An interdenominational group of African-American pastors has united to ignite a movement to renew marriage and fatherhood in the African-American community.

The movement, led by 10 pastors in partnership with National Fatherhood Initiative, Urban Ministries, Inc., and The National Center on African American Marriages and Parenting, has been initiated by a "Call to Action," which educates and inspires the black church to address the declines in marriage and father involvement that plague the black community. Clergy around the country will be recruited to sign the Call to Action, indicating their desire to join the movement to reverse these destructive trends. | Read story
May 2, 2011

Outstanding military father needs your votes

Chris Cady needs your votes. He is one of three finalists for the Military Fatherhood Award sponsored by the National Fatherhood Initiative.

Cady is a 1990 graduate of Delta High School. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1992 and plans to retire in November after serving in the military 20 years.

The Military Fatherhood Award™ is given annually to a U.S. military dad who displays an ongoing commitment and dedication to his children, makes extraordinary efforts to father from a distance when deployed, successfully balances military and family life, and makes an effort to mentor other military fathers and/or military children who are separated from their fathers. | Read story
April 27, 2011

Choosing to be father comes down to yes or no

It'd been a long time since I talked to Raul Herrera. His name might not ring a bell with you, but this might:

It's January 2010. Raul is one of three graduates of the Young Fathers program run then as a joint effort by the Denver Inner City Parish and the Denver Area Youth Services. Raul was 22. He had become a father at 20. His son, Brandon, was 2.

As with the other young men here, Raul was learning to be a father not having had one himself. His dad took off when Raul was 3. Raul ran with the wrong crowd until someone bashed his skull with a nail-studded 2x4. | Read story

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