This section provides web links, PDFs and video of recent news stories about fatherhood from news outlets around the world.

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June 14, 2011

Can the Government Create Better Dads?

It sometimes rubs people the wrong way. But President Obama has a tendency to talk about parental responsibility, especially as it pertains to absentee dads, when addressing African-American audiences.

“Michelle and I happen to be black parents, so I may add a little ‘umph’ to it when I’m talking to black parents,” he joked to the National Urban League last summer by way of explanation. | Read story
June 13, 2011

NFL fathers distancing from stereotypical past

Derrick Ward says he hesitates to tell the story. He shouldn't. It's a touching story. In many ways, it's an NFL story.

Ward plays running back for the Houston Texans and could squeeze the life out of a tree trunk with his biceps. But he melts in his daughter's hands. One day, at his Los Angeles condo, Jaida did what young kids do -- she dipped her toe in mischief. | Read story
June 13, 2011

Mr. Mom in the 21st century

Matt Schneider is a resident New Yorker who grew up in Englewood. You'd think this young stay-at-home father of two and I would have nothing in common. But we do.

His wife works in an all-consuming career: global real estate private equity. And my husband once worked in an all-consuming career: Colorado politics.

As the stay-at-home parent, Matt faces the same joys, jobs and frustrations of full-time kid care as I once did. | Read story
June 8, 2011

Obama on Obama Sr.: 'I always felt his absence'

President Obama has some interesting things to say about a man he doesn't know very well.

Barack Obama Sr.

"I grew up without a father around," Obama writes in a forthcoming edition of People magazine. "I have certain memories of him taking me to my first jazz concert and giving me my first basketball as a Christmas present. But he left when I was 2 years old." | Read story
June 8, 2011

Welcome return of absent fathers

Dear Dads,

I believe we have no calling greater than fathering our own children, and none more encompassing or more challenging.

That calling is not contingent upon whether our relationships with the mother of our children endure, neither on what new love, opportunity, challenge or hardship arises in our lives as the world turns. And even if it is the case that we have failed or fallen down on the job, we must now, right now, decide to get up and begin anew. The stakes are too high. | Read story
June 7, 2011

My Life as an NBA Superstar Single Dad

Recently awarded full custody of his kids, basketball star Dwyane Wade on the importance of being—and having—a father, in this week’s Newsweek.

There are a few words that come to mind when I think about the past few years of my life: challenging, rewarding, transformative—they roll off the tip of my tongue in an instant. In the span of a year, my two good friends LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined me on the Miami Heat, I struggled through a painful, public divorce, and I became the full-time parent to my two young sons, Zaire and Zion. | Read story
June 5, 2011

A father's gift of reading

Thanks to a retired librarian in Millville, New Jersey, I may have found the secret to successful parenting - not in any one, single book, but in this one, single dad, whose wife left him when his daughter was 10.

"It was just she and I," said Jim Brozina. He says he and his daughter Alice were always close - but around 4th grade, he started worrying they'd soon drift apart.

"After 4th grade, they start looking for their friends," he said. "Could be that we just didn't see each other during the day or talk to one another - it could have been." | Read story
June 3, 2011

Men's Health: Address the "Silent Crisis"

Although our main focus in June is Father's Day, there's another important issue that deserves our attention. This is also Men's Health Month, a time to raise awareness about common health issues and encourage early discovery and treatment of diseases.

The sad reality is that too many of us are not giving enough attention to our health. One expert called this the "silent health crisis," because American men live sicker and die younger than American women, yet too many men are hesitant to take their health seriously. | Read story
June 2, 2011

Dad Days to celebrate paternal bonding

Dads, granddads, fathers-to-be and anyone else of the male persuasion with a connection to younger offspring are invited to pick up tips, share advice and otherwise boost the profile of fatherhood during an event next month.

The second Dad Days, a weeklong collection of programs, presentations and professional development sessions, is set for June 13-18 in Lawrence. | Read story
June 2, 2011

Rise in single fathers defies historic trend

After he and his wife separated in 2007, Bruce Jordan, 37, entered a long custody battle for one of their children, Matthew, an active 7-year-old who loves watching "SpongeBob SquarePants" and other cartoons.

The father of seven children in all, Jordan, who lives in East Baltimore, says he felt he had been too absent from the lives of his other kids.

"As far as my son, I wanted to make a difference," Jordan said on a recent afternoon, clutching a water bottle and looking relaxed in a Nike T-shirt and jeans. "I didn't just want to be a father with seven children and not have any of them with me." | Read story

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