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December 12, 2008

Dads On Duty

Last month, 17 dads attended the 13th annual At-Home Dads Convention in Sacramento, Calif., where they gathered for recreational activities and workshops to share child-rearing expertise and experiences. Dayv Glusing, the event's organizer, says last year 65 fathers attended the meeting and that the ninth annual conference hosted 125 attendees from 25 different states and four countries.

Despite the conference's dwindling numbers, the number of fathers who have opted to become their family's primary caregiver is increasing.

According to Census data, there were about 159,000 stay-at-home dads in 2006, up about 62% from 2003. Census data reported in 2008 shows that 2.8 million out of 11.3 million children under five whose mothers are employed, are cared for by their fathers. Moreover, sociological research suggests that more couples are considering this arrangement as attitudes about family and gender roles shift.

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December 12, 2008

Working Dad: Take time to be dad

I learned my latest parenting lesson by falling down.

Actually, it was more of a swan dive. While squeezing in a run during my recent paternity leave, I tripped, went airborne and had my 163 pounds crush my left kneecap into the sidewalk.

As my blood and grunts stopped passing traffic, one thought ran through my mind: There's no way I can be hurt.

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December 9, 2008

Cosby: We need to value our children

Comedian-turned-social-activist Bill Cosby used laughter -- and blunt language -- to warn lawmakers Monday about absentee fathers who abandon their responsibilities and threaten their children's futures.

Cosby spent three and a half hours in the Capitol complex, using the stories of local high school students whose growth has been impaired by fathers who impregnated their mothers, then left.

Cosby, a pioneering comedian who later earned a doctorate in education and has made controversial comments on urban culture, told lawmakers they have to address the issue that's causing the further decay of Connecticut's cities and suburbs.

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December 9, 2008

Dedicated dads get support

Jason Glaser is not a criminal.

Yet, he sees the sideward glances and glaring eyes when he takes his daughters to the supermarket or playground. He can guess the unspoken suspicion when parents decline to allow playdates under his supervision. And he’s familiar with the quiet condemnations of a public leery of men who enjoy spending time with children.

But as a stay-at-home father of two, Glaser said his kids are his life. He enjoys the cooking and cleaning. He loves reading to his newborn and teaching his 4-year-old to crush cans for a small allowance. He carries burp clothes and blankets like badges of honor.

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December 8, 2008

Kid talk: No time like the presents

It's a tough economy out there, even for a kid. And many parents are wondering how to broach the subject.

Should they shield their children from the hard times and spend like there's no tomorrow? Or is it better to share the reality that more families — often their own — simply can't have it all, even at Christmas? It can be a real dilemma.

"I've explained the situation, and I've also avoided it," says Mimi Chacin, a mom and business owner in Miami whose husband lost his job in advertising. The family is doing OK. In fact, the children's cooking classes Chacin teaches have remained full so far — a sign, she says, that many parents are still willing to spend on some extras for their kids.

But in their own household, she and her husband are still having to cut back — on travel during the holidays, for instance.

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December 7, 2008

At Daddy's knee, lessons of fatherhood

"Daddy taught us how to work hard for a living," said one of my brothers recently while we were talking about old times. I am the youngest of six children born to the late David Lee Sr. and his wife, Thelma Lee.

I'd always known my daddy to be busy doing something. He'd leave our home in Walbrook Junction early in the morning and come back at night. I can recall him being involved in all things related to family, church, work and the community. We ate dinner together, went to church together and worked in and around our home together.

I came to realize later in life that Daddy was my first role model.

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December 5, 2008

Sisters of Charity's focus on fatherhood helps fight poverty

When the Sisters of Charity Foundation began exploring the root causes of poverty in the lives of our state’s children and families in 1996, no one knew where the effort would lead.

The foundation learned that one way to have a long-term impact on poverty would be to concentrate on the lack of father engagement: Dad’s absence plays a major role in children’s fortunes. Statistics suggest children who grow up without their biological fathers are more likely to live in poverty, have behavioral or emotional problems, engage in crime, drop out of school or have children out of wedlock. Also, if children can grow up in homes where there is income from two parents, chances are they’re less likely to linger in poverty.

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November 30, 2008

The first father

Barack Obama's agenda is groaning with big-ticket items, some that go to the top because they're so important to the nation, some that get there because they're important to the groups that helped him win. Some, particularly the economy, will keep him and his team busy and challenge every bit of imagination and intelligence and courage they can bring to the task.

There's an issue that's not on the official agenda, but should be: the state of many of the nation's black families.

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November 27, 2008

When the best role model isn't even a person

My advisory class at the Maryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences, a public charter high school in Baltimore, includes a daily lesson in character building or study skills. Recently, I asked six students participating in the group - all boys - to make a list of five male role models. I decided to participate as well, and quickly came up with a list that included educators, my father and my best friend, an Iraq War veteran.

What was an easy task for me, however, proved rather challenging for my students. I had questions and statements from them ranging from, "Do they have to be males?" to "I can't think of five."

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November 26, 2008

Community Fatherhood Initiative: Filling the gap in family programs

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Broward County, Inc. (HMHB of Broward) is launching a Community Fatherhood Initiative (CFI) to create a comprehensive coalition of resources for fathers and families primarily throughout the Black community. The CFI is a joint effort with key agencies to build community collaboration, address the fragmentation of existing fatherhood programs and develop a program based on these issues to fill the gaps in service. The program aims to encourage father involvement, beginning at conception and throughout the entire life of the child.

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