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March 18, 2009

Group helps dads navigate child welfare system

Craig Warren has experienced the child welfare system in the past 11 years as a foster parent, an adoptive parent, and a client when his adopted children temporarily re-entered foster care.

Warren, who is married, said none of these vantage points compares with being a man in a child welfare system run predominantly by women.

About 81 percent of social workers in the United States are women, according to a National Association of Social Workers Center for Workforce Studies report in 2006. | Read story
March 13, 2009

Why Men Kills The Ones They Love

My mother is a wiry-thin black woman who - soaking weight, with rollers in her hair and wearing a pair of roller skates - only weighs about 110 pounds. My father, on the other hand, was around 6 feet 2, 220 pounds, a former Golden Gloves champion, and a ex-Marine. Therefore, as a child, I simply could not picture what it was like for a man, particularly this man who appeared to be a giant to me, to hit a woman, let alone my mother. But he did.

What makes a 34-year-old man, walk into his estranged wife's job, douse her with gasoline, and then set her on fire? What makes a 28-year- old man go on a shooting spree, killing 10 people including his mother?

As a professional working with men in areas that include domestic violence, I know that there are many theories out there. Too many to account for in this short blog. | Read story
March 13, 2009

From behind bars, convict connects with son

In each letter he writes to his son, Tony Everhart includes the same message: Daddy's coming home.

An inmate at Gaston Correctional Center, Everhart looks forward to caring for his 16-year-old son upon his October release. He is among nearly a dozen graduates of the Fatherhood Accountability Program, which teaches inmates how to be good spouses, parents and grandparents. | Read story
March 13, 2009

Fathers, step up

Toledo Free Press Editor in Chief Michael S. Miller has written quite touchingly in these pages about his “adventures in fatherhood,” and the love he has for his two young sons. He sets a great example for men across our community by demonstrating that being a dad can be a rewarding experience.

As we recognize Child Abuse Prevention Month this April, it’s important to remember that men play important roles in preventing child abuse. Involved fathers provide practical support in raising children and serve as models for their development. Children with involved, loving fathers are much more likely to succeed in school, have healthy self-esteem and good social skills compared to children with uninvolved fathers. | Read story
March 12, 2009

Why men look for any excuse to get away

I used to be an interesting person. Not anymore. People with interesting lives have free time -- to ski, travel, help the downtrodden, read, go to museums, and do all the things that interesting people do.

Me? At the end of the day or over the weekend, I'm probably changing the diaper of our 4-month-old while my wife chases our 2 ½-year-old -- who is clutching Magic Markers and "coloring" one of our cats -- around the house. | Read story
March 10, 2009

'Dads Byeond Duct Tape' embraced by area fathers

On February 17th, the Community Health Center of Branch County's (CHC) Obstetric Unit along with the Branch Intermediate School District Early Education Services offered its first “Dads Beyond Duct Tape” class for area dads who are interested in strengthening their fatherhood skills. “We didn't know what to expect in terms of the number of people who would be interested,” said Helene Pariseau-Racey, RN, Director of CHC's Obstetric Unit. “We are so excited to have had such a positive response with fifteen to twenty dads attending each session so far. The men had a great time with really positive interactions between them.” | Read story
March 10, 2009

Jobless, but working

Nick Clegg triggered plenty of criticism when he suggested that men who lose their jobs should "reinvent" themselves as stay-at-home dads. "'A new flexibility in which men and women are supported in reinventing themselves will be vital in helping many thousands of families through this recession," he wrote. For these words, Clegg has been accused of emasculating British industrial workers.

Perhaps the Lib Dem leader has a political tin ear, but he's absolutely correct: economic downturns can open up new possibilities for men, and this recession is likely to have a huge impact on gender relations. | Read story
March 5, 2009

Fighting poverty - not each other

Two men of faith — a conservative former Bush speechwriter and a liberal Christian activist — team up to help the poor in America. Today:Tackling poverty in spite of ideology. | Read story
February 28, 2009

Richmond jail graduates first 16 of fatherhood class

Vann Dickerson didn't have a father to show him how to be a good parent to his 6-year-old son and 16-year-old stepdaughter.

But serving time in the Richmond City Jail has.

He was among 16 men who received certificates yesterday for completing the jail's first fatherhood class.

| Read story
February 25, 2009

More Dads Influence Daughters' Career Paths

Fathers appear to be playing a bigger role in their daughters’ career choices compared to men of previous generations.

Researchers from the University of Maryland used various data sets to study the career paths of 63,000 women born between 1909 and 1977. Given that more women today are entering predominantly male occupations in higher numbers compared to women of previous generations, the researchers said it has been difficult to distinguish between general societal changes and family factors that may be influencing a woman’s career choices.

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