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August 14, 2009

Obama's Fatherhood Initiative Gets Mixed Response

The Tell Me More audience sounds off following recent interviews with the Rev. Joshua Dubois, who leads the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives and Neighborhood Partnerships, and Rep. David Scott, a Democrat from Georgia who recently reported receiving racially offensive messages following a town hall meeting on health care. Host Michel Martin and digital media producer Lee Hill comb through listener feedback. | Read story
August 12, 2009

White House Launches Fatherhood Initiative


It's been an important part of President Obama's childhood narrative, growing up with an absent father. It was the cornerstone of a historic speech he delivered last year, assailing men who run away from their parenting responsibilities. And now it's a priority for the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership, with the launch of the national fatherhood tour last week. With its first stop in Chicago, Obama's faith-based office will go around the country holding town hall meetings to discuss the importance of fatherhood and speak with community organizations about what policies best work to build strong families. | Read story
August 10, 2009

Barack Obama sheds new light on fatherhood

Ever since the election of President Barack Obama, black America has lifted itself up from the doldrums of apathy, to a new and unprecedented height of ‘self-awareness, pride, Black pride - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and positive-thinking’.

Black Americans have engaged themselves to reach beyond their potential and strive for things they once thought were unreachable. Such has been the case for black men in particular. | Read story
August 7, 2009

Former Bulls player, others, turn out for White House meeting on fatherhood

Chicago native and former Chicago Bulls player Kendall Gill stepped away from sports patter last night to talk about an unusual subject for athletes: Fatherhood.

Gill says his one regret was not becoming a father sooner.

“Had I had children sooner it would’ve made me a better person, a better father, a better basketball player,” says Gill. | Read story
August 6, 2009

Town hall on fatherhood held

The White House hosted a Chicago town hall about the responsibilities of fatherhood.

The Obama Administration is working to get a conversation going on the importance of fathers in building healthy families and communities.

White House staff, local community leaders and experts on fatherhood spoke on Wednesday night and audience members say it's an important conversation. | Read story
August 6, 2009

Tribal program helps parents, kids rebuild relationships

For eight years, Hubert Washington fought to regain custody of his daughter. About a month ago, he couldn't fight his emotions when he picked her up from a group home.

Reunited, they hugged. They cried. And that night, 16-year-old Amber lay awake too excited to sleep. She had returned home to a changed man.

"It's never too late to be a good parent," Washington, 50, said as his eyes watered at a recent Tuesday night Fatherhood is Sacred meeting on the Salt River Reservation just north of Mesa. | Read story
August 5, 2009

White House fatherhood townhall at U. of Illinois Chicago on Wednesday

The White House is scheduled to launch the next phase of its national conversation on responsible fatherhood and strong communities with the first regional Town Hall on the importance of fathers in building healthy families and strong communities. The Town Hall will take place on Wednesday, August 5, 2009 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The event is cosponsored by the White House Domestic Policy Council's Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and the Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families. Senior White House and Administration staff will speak at the event, along with local community leaders and experts on fatherhood. | Read story
August 3, 2009

White House to Launch National Fatherhood Tour Next Week

The Obama administration is taking its effort to promote responsible fatherhood, which it launched with a White House town hall event just before Father's Day, on the road, hosting a half-dozen town halls in the next few months in different parts of the country. The first event will happen in Chicago next Wednesday. It will feature a videotaped message from President Obama, a roundtable and networking session for local nonprofit groups, presentations by administration officials, and a panel of local dads, according to an adviser for the effort. | Read story
August 3, 2009

New Study Measures Benefits of More Involved Fathers

Family service agencies are missing huge opportunities to help children by focusing only on mothers and ignoring fathers, according to a groundbreaking study by some of the nation’s top family and child development researchers.

The scientific study, which is being published today in the Journal of Marriage and the Family, found that when mothers and fathers enrolled together in 16-week sessions to work on their relationships as parents and partners, their children were much less likely to show signs of depression, anxiety and hyperactivity. | Read story
July 31, 2009

My week as a superdad

Last month, President Obama told dads to switch off the television and pay more attention to their children. Despite his good intentions, he added to the guilty, nagging doubts that haunt a generation of fathers striving to be good in a world filled with demands, distractions, cold beer and 24-hour sports news.

Dan Miller, a father at my son's school, is often away for long periods with his work. "When I'm around there's a real pressure to have the perfect day. I plan trips and often we end up spending half the time stuck in a car. I think there are moments when they just want you to come over and play snakes and ladders, but you can't because you're too busy on the internet looking up directions to the city farm."

Dan and I are part of a new crop of men who really want to be amazing fathers, to make up stories at bed-time, to fashion kites out of whittled sticks, to know the names of at least some trees. We really want to be outstanding, high-achieving parents but no one has ever fully explained exactly what this entails. | Read story

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