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December 7, 2009

Postpartum Depression Strikes Fathers, Too

The pregnancy was easy, the delivery a breeze. This was the couple’s first baby, and they were thrilled. But within two months, the bliss of new parenthood was shattered by postpartum depression.

A sad, familiar story. But this one had a twist: The patient who came to me for treatment was not the mother but her husband. | Read story
December 7, 2009

Of princesses and first ladies

Disney's latest animated film, "The Princess and the Frog," will be released Friday. The film already has received a great deal of attention largely because it features Disney's first-ever black princess, Tiana.

After screening "The Princess and the Frog" and reflecting on its significance, I was reminded of something I am fond of saying and truly believe: "A good father helps his daughter find her prince without kissing all the frogs."

| Read story
November 30, 2009

Boot Camp for New Dads Offers Tips for Keeping Your Baby Safe Around the Holidays

Boot Camp for New Dads,a non-profit orientation program for fathers-to-be, operating in more than 260 hospitals, clinics, schools, fire stations and churches around North America and internationally, has worked with hundreds of thousands of dads over the past 19 years. One of the most important concepts they teach new dads is how to provide a safe environment and keep the baby safe. The holidays are busy and it’s more challenging than ever to keep the baby away from choking hazards and other dangers.

Greg Bishop, founder of Boot Camp for New Dads and author of two fatherhood books, shares tips from his second book, Crash Course for New Dads – Tools, Checklists and Cheat-Sheets for keeping your baby safe around the holidays: | Read story
November 23, 2009

All dressed up and ready to roll

Halloween is a family affair at the Dan and Tabitha Borgman home. Every year, their children, Bauner, 12, and Alli, 6, together with Mom and Dad work together to come up with unusual and creative costumes.

The tradition began when Bauner was 5 years old. Bauner has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. He was unable to take part in the school “costume parade” and also didn’t like wearing masks.

That is when Dad, (Dan) stepped up to make a costume for Bauner that would allow him to enjoy the holiday like the other kids in his class. | Read story
November 21, 2009

Dads get lessons in fun, fatherhood

Miniature red footballs dotted the Charlotte skyline Saturday as hundreds of dads came to the Carolinas Panthers practice field to share a simple message: Make time for your kids.

Nearly a thousand people attended the All Pro Dad fathers and sons event at the field, next to Bank of America Stadium. | Read story
November 16, 2009

Fatherhood: It's Good for You

Most people wouldn't see being a dad as a health issue, but apparently it is.

Upon becoming a father for the first time, many men discover a new meaning to life. Positive life changes usually follow, including quitting smoking and drinking, driving more carefully, eating better, getting more exercise and learning how to manage stress. Men who are actively involved in the lives of their children tend to be healthier, have more fulfilling marriages and careers and tend to live longer. | Read story
November 15, 2009

NHS launches pocket 'how to be a dad' guide to fatherhood

Every new dad is to be handed a pocket guide offering advice on how to be a good parent.

The credit card-sized guide will provide tips on parenting and details on where to go for help.

It will be handed out to fathers attending the birth of their child and direct them to advice on subjects such as breastfeeding and paternity leave. | Read story
November 11, 2009

A national conversation on fatherhood

In the US, almost half of the babies born come home from the hospital with only a mother. Since President Obama grew up while his own father was on a different continent, he has strong feelings about fathers.

Since Father’s Day, members of the Obama administration have been meeting with neighborhood leaders—superintendents, prison ministers and non profit administrators—to determine who and what groups are doing a good job filling the “father needs” of kids. | Read story
November 8, 2009

Fathers Gain Respect From Experts (and Mothers)

It used to irk Melissa Calapini when her 3-year-old daughter, Haley, hung around her father while he fixed his cars. Ms. Calapini thought there were more enriching things the little girl could be doing with her time.

But since the couple attended a parenting course — to save their relationship, which had become overwhelmed by arguments about rearing their children — Ms. Calapini has had a change of heart. Now she encourages the father-daughter car talk. | Read story
November 2, 2009

These days, dads have different duties

The threat “Just wait till your father gets home” may still resonate with generations of Americans, but in more and more American households, the word “father” may be interchangeable with the word “mother.”

More women than ever are sharing the workload with their male counterparts, which is leading to more sharing of parenting responsibilities among the nation’s moms and dads. New family lifestyles, where dad is spending more time in the house, or mom is spending more time outside the house, or both are working outside the house are becoming more common. | Read story

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