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September 3, 2011

Hey Mom! Get Dad Involved with Back to School!

This week many families are prepping for, or even diving into the back-to-school grind. NFI recently contributed to Working on advice for mom on getting dads involved this time of year.

If you are a Mom getting back into the swing of things, help ease the transition with these three tips below. | Read story
September 3, 2011

Fatherhood Summit scheduled

The 6th Annual Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit will be held this fall, sponsored by the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative in partnership with the Social Development Commission (SDC). The two day event will be held October 7th and 8th at Destiny Youth Plaza at 7210 N. 76th Street. | Read story
August 31, 2011

I was a selfish dad

As the second line formed on the wee-covered stick, my wife and I hugged, feeling the same surge of joy that we had when our first pregnancy was confirmed. But this time there was relief, too, because we had decided that if we had a second child I would give up my job to become a stay-at-home dad.

We thought this plan would be good for my health and an opportunity to develop my freelance work. But we both knew it was also a financial arrangement. My wife earned significantly more than I did, and we simply couldn't afford childcare services. For two years, since her nine months' maternity leave had ended, she had been on call for every illness, snow day or industrial action. Her job had always been flexible and, meetings and international trips aside, was largely home-based. So when the nursery called to say Seth had been sick, it seemed natural – or it did to me – that my overworked wife was left to handle it. | Read story
August 29, 2011

Your kids want adventure. Give it to them!

Kids love wild adventures created by their fathers, and they especially love dads who will sometimes break the rules and throw caution to the wind in order to build adventures into everyday life.

Why? Because adventures help kids foster creativity, curiosity, and passion for life. | Read story
August 23, 2011

The Father Factor: Q&A with Joe Ehrmann

NFI: You start the introduction to InSideOut Coaching by telling a moving story about driving home one night with your young son, realizing how much you love him, and recognizing that your father never felt that way about you. Why do you think a father’s love plays such a crucial role in a child’s life?

JE: Young people are hardwired to get that affirmation and love and acceptance, particularly from their dads, as well as their moms. Their basic self-concept of who they are is dependent on that relationship. Look at the tremendous number of dads who have abdicated that responsibility and leave children with huge questions about their identity and worth. Dads are one of the chief artists in painting the picture of who we are. As I travel the country, it’s the number one condition of children in America – it’s the lack of closure in those wounds as you grow from childhood to adulthood that continues to impact children’s relationships and identity. | Read story
August 23, 2011

Recession Shifting Men's Role from Provider to Caregiver

Wayne Moyer, a 39-year-old father of three, has a new appreciation for stay-at-home parents. After losing his job as an information technology support specialist in 2009, Moyer entered full-time fatherhood -- a change that has challenged his stamina and his ego.

"The stress of work is far less intrusive than being a stay-at-home dad," said Moyer, who lives in Womelsdorf, Pa. "But I think the hardest part for most of us men is to give up the role of being the one who earns the most money to our wives. It just feels completely unnatural." | Read story
August 17, 2011

Study: Child Poverty Up in 38 States in Past Decade

Nearly 15 million children, or 20 percent of America's juvenile population, were living in poverty in 2009, according to a child welfare study released Wednesday.

More than double that number were in households where no parent had a full-time year-round job, according to the report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which noted that the child poverty rate grew about 18 percent over the past decade. | Read story
August 12, 2011

No More Important Job Than Being a Father

“The smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child’s life.”

That’s the message of new public service advertisements (PSAs) aimed at America’s dads. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, an estimated 24 million children (34 percent) in the U.S. live apart from their fathers.

The PSA campaign is an effort between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Administration for Children and Families, Office of Family Assistance and the Ad Council to show fathers the irreplaceable role they play in their children’s lives. | Read story
August 11, 2011

Project Fatherhood offers parenting skills

Being a good father is a big responsibility. Some people who've failed to live up to that responsibility are getting a new opportunity at fatherhood classes.

Despite growing up without a father himself, Juan Romero says he has stayed close to his 3-year-old daughter so she could have the one special thing he did not have: a father. | Read story
August 11, 2011

The power of a father's presence

For fatherhood in America, these are the best of times and the worst of times. So says a new Pew Research Center report on fathering trends.

The report, released in June, found that today's fathers are active in their children's daily lives to a degree not seen in nearly half a century. Live-in dads now regularly eat meals with their children, play with them, read to them, help them with their homework and ask them about their day. They also log more than twice as many hours on kid duty than did their own dads: In 1965, the average married father spent only 2.6 hours a week caring for his children; by 2000, that average had risen to 6.5 hours. | Read story

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