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February 12, 2010

The President Sets The Pace For Fathers

IT is no secret that President Obama desperately wants Congress to pass legislation to overhaul health care. But last month, when Mr. Obama convened Congressional Democratic leaders at the White House for a marathon negotiating session, another priority intervened.

His 11-year-old daughter, Malia, had a band recital. | Read story
February 9, 2010

A place where parents can go for help

All types of parents walk through the doors of the nonprofit organization Families First: from those who voluntarily signed up for classes to learn how to raise their children better, to those who were ordered to attend classes by the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Volunteer Instructor Fred Buschhoff has met many of those parents.

"It's a sign of strength to ask for help," he said. | Read story
January 30, 2010

Dinner, dance with Dad

Joe Thrutchley was quite the busy man on Friday. All while ABBA's “Dancing Queen” played overhead, Thrutchley navigated his way between two dates and tried, rather adeptly, to keep up to the festive music.

His two dates — daughters Hannah Thrutchley, 11, and Coty Thrutchley, 7 — were also, well, having the time of their lives. After all, it turns out he is used to making sure his dates are treated well. | Read story
January 28, 2010

Apollo Anton Ohno speeding toward memory lane

During the week, Yuki Ohno didn't see his son much. A single father, he would get home from working at his Seattle-area hair salon at 7 or 8 o'clock at night. His son, 12-year-old Apolo, was a latchkey kid.

He also was an aspiring short-track speedskater.

Many weekends, father and son would drive in their Volkswagen Rabbit three hours north to short-track competitions in and around Vancouver. | Read story
January 27, 2010

Suited for fatherhood

Growing up, you might have thought your father's parenting philosophy was something like, "Pipe down or I'll turn this car around!"

These days, more working dads seem to live by the adage, "You can always get a new job, but you can't get a new family." Busy fathers put in long hours at the office and work just as hard to make quality time at home. Sometimes, though, something just has to give. What's a dad to do? | Read story
January 27, 2010

Military couples get advice on dealing with unique stresses

Eric and Syndy Nance of Valparaiso, married for two years, were among 20 military couples taking advantage of a recent marriage retreat that addressed the challenges such couples face.

Eric Nance serves full time with the Army National Guard 190th Transportation Battalion, based in Michigan City. He and his wife attended the marriage enrichment retreat for military couples at Indian Oak Inn in Chesterton. | Read story
January 20, 2010

Sons of teen dads more likely to become one too

Past research has shown that girls whose mothers gave birth as teens are more likely than their peers to become teenage mothers themselves. But comparatively little has been known about the factors that matter in teen fatherhood.

In the new study, researchers at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut found that sons of teenage fathers were 80 percent more likely to have a child before age 20 compared with their peers born to older fathers. | Read story
January 19, 2010

UK Government launches guide for all new fathers

The government has announced plans to issue guidance to help every new father support their partner and baby, as it gets set to publish its green paper on families and relationships.

From next month, the government will begin distributing 600,000 copies of The New Dad's Guide. The guide will address legal and health issues that fathers should bear in mind as well as relationship support and information on the importance of fatherhood. | Read story
January 14, 2010

An inconvenient truth about absent fathers

Back in the heady days of the sexual revolution, when the free-love craze was cresting and no-fault divorce laws were beginning their sweep across America, experts counseled troubled married couples to drop their old-fashioned ideas about staying together for the sake of the kids. Children are happier when their parents are happier, the argument went, so spouses who felt unfulfilled should split without guilt. Mom could take the kids, dad could take off, and as long as he made timely child-support payments and frequent visits, the kids would be fine. | Read story
January 12, 2010

Child support services kicks off 'Bearable Hugs for Georgia's Children' Campaign

The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) and the Fatherhood Program are collecting teddy bears and other stuffed animals for children as part of their “Bearable Hugs for Georgia’s Children” campaign. The toys will be given to children receiving care at pediatric facilities throughout Georgia, women’s shelters, law enforcement agencies and other children’s organizations. | Read story

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