This section provides web links, PDFs and video of recent news stories about fatherhood from news outlets around the world.

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March 25, 2010

Stay-At-Home Dads Grapple With Going Back To Work

Kevin Folk's new job requires a lot of multitasking, effective time management, a calm demeanor and excellent diaper-bag packing skills.

Folk was laid off from the National Association of Home Builders last summer, shortly after the birth of his twin boy and girl. Instead of entrusting the babies to a babysitter while he looked for work, he decided to stay home — at least temporarily. | Read story
March 22, 2010

Tony Dungy to talk with Atlanta kids, fathers

After his first full NFL season in retirement, former Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy has found joy off the field.

He served as a studio analyst on NBC, and that kept him close to the game, but his off-the-field projects are now his main focus.

One of his passions is serving as the national spokesman for All Pro Dad, the fatherhood program of Family First, a national nonprofit organization based in Tampa. | Read story
March 18, 2010

Military families' stresses shared

Maj. Mario Soto has gone to war five times, three since becoming a father.

Five years ago, he was two hours late to his first daughter's birth.

At 3 years old, little Anna knew the neighbors better than she knew her daddy because he was gone so much. | Read story
March 18, 2010

Summit to focus on fatherhood

Mountains of research show children fare better when their dads are committed and involved in their lives.

They often do better in school, tend to be emotionally healthier, and are less likely to be poor or to commit a crime that lands them in jail, said the Rev. Eli Williams of Urban Light Ministries. | Read story
March 15, 2010

White House and Commerce Department Co-Sponsor Regional Fatherhood Forum

This past Friday, the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships and the Department of Commerce co-hosted a regional fatherhood forum in Oakland, CA.  This forum was a continuation of the Administration’s commitment to engage this critical issue through regional meetings that contribute to a national conversation on responsible fatherhood.

In the afternoon, we convened a meeting with Bay Area social service experts, community organizations and faith leaders whose work impacts fatherhood in the region.  The focus of the discussion was to promote responsible fatherhood by strengthening the economic position of dads in the marketplace and empowering communities to actively engage issues impacting father participation. | Read story
March 9, 2010

Holder says fatherhood key for black men

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stressed the importance of black men taking responsibility in their homes during the Alliance of Concerned Men’s recent National Roundtable and Town Hall Meeting on Fatherhood and Solutions to Youth Violence.

“I have held many titles in my life,” said Holder, keynote speaker for the event, “But, the title that I am most proud of is father. A father’s role in the life of a child is irreplaceable.” | Read story
March 9, 2010

New dad: Tips to help manage stress

Becoming a father can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. As a new dad, however, you can take many steps to prepare for the emotions and challenges of fatherhood and connect with your newly expanded family. Understand how to make your transition into fatherhood less stressful and more fulfilling. | Read story
March 9, 2010

WH Faith Council Gives Detailed Recommendations

President Obama's faith council delivered 64 detailed recommendations to top administration officials, Tuesday, covering a broad range of issues from responsible fatherhood to poverty and interfaith relations.

Members of the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships met with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and White House head of domestic policy Melody Barnes.

The talks are part of the council's effort to improve communication between the government and faith-based service providers. | Read story
February 27, 2010

NY State investing in fatherhood programs

The State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) announced yesterday that it wil be allocating $2.7 million in funding for its Strengthening Families Through Stronger Fathers Initiative- A State-wide child support and fatherhood-engagement initiative aimed at helping noncustodial fathers (primarily low-income) become more involved with their children’s lives, financially and emotionally. Two New York City organizations - Seedco and STRIVE - will receive close to $1 million of this funding to continue work that they began as part of a State-funded pilot fatherhood initiative four years ago. | Read story
February 18, 2010

Holder joins in effort to help men be better fathers

Attorney General Eric Holder, D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) and a host of law enforcement and community leaders gathered today at the University of the District of Columbia in an effort to help men of the city become better fathers.

"A father's role in the life of a child is irreplaceable," said Holder during the keynote address opening "A National Roundtable and Town Hall Meeting on Fatherhood" that was sponsored by the Alliance of Concerned Men. "If we are going to call ourselves men then we must act like men." | Read story

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