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May 25, 2010

Dropping the ball on fatherhood

Maybe you have heard Roland Warren's football story before. But if you haven't, it's worth a listen.

Mr. Warren recently recounted his tale at a Capitol Hill briefing on the importance of involving men in the prenatal and postnatal care of their families.

His story starts out with familiar scenario: Handsome teenage guy becomes enamored of a pretty teenage girl. She reciprocates. They ended up getting pregnant. | Read story
May 20, 2010

Meet The Modern Dad

Every day, attractive women come by my office to chat. Breast health is a common topic. We also look at pictures of naked bottoms and pick the best one. On a really good day, I'll receive a box of yogurt puffs to sample. Based on this description, some guys might think I have a killer gig. My job title: executive editor of Babytalk.

That's right: a dad editing a baby magazine. Let's be honest. This is not a traditional role for a guy. I push tandem strollers through the halls of our building, inspiring all manner of rubbernecking. I receive emails that read, "Shawn, as a mom I'm sure you'll love this new bouncy seat." I am a pro football fanatic who knows the best brand of binkies. I can hook up a DVD player and swaddle a newborn. | Read story
May 19, 2010

Postpartum depression hits as many dads as moms

Postpartum depression affects just as many new fathers as mothers, with about one in 10 parents affected, a new study says.

Both women and their doctors have become more aware in recent years of the risks of postpartum depression, as well as the benefits of early diagnosis and treatment. | Read story
May 17, 2010

Fatherhood initiative program helps dads improve

When first attempted years ago, the program flopped. But a few inspired men recently breathed new life into the once-ailing Fatherhood Initiative program at CADCOM (Community Action Development Commission of Montgomery County).

From the onset, the original makeup of CADCOM’s Fatherhood Initiative program was plagued with problems. Poor direction, unfocused workshops, insufficient funding and an overall poor reputation were among the issues giving the program a black eye. | Read story
May 17, 2010

How fatherhood put a new perspective on my life

Nothing changes you like fatherhood.

You grow up a lot faster. You just mature -- the things you do off the court, every time you step outside. Every time you step on the court you feel like you’ve got something new to play for. After playing for yourself, your family, you’ve got another person in the world that you have to look after. | Read story
May 15, 2010

Can you be prime minister and a good dad?

He called it the second most important job he could ever hold, and as Gordon Brown walked away from it last week – leaving Downing Street hand in hand with his two grinning little boys – the impression was of a man now tackling anew his first job: that of husband and father. But is it possible to do both well? Can a man – or, indeed, a woman – succeed in high office and still be there (even occasionally) for high tea? Or is the price of power inevitably abdication from family life?

For an election that for the first time pitched three fathers of pre-school children against each other for the crown, there has been oddly little discussion of the tensions between fatherhood and politics. | Read story
May 14, 2010

Fort Pierce library offers new parenting program for dads

The Fort Pierce Branch Library, 101 Melody Lane, is hosting a new parenting program “Father & Child Connection” at noon May 25.

Presented by the Early Learning Coalition of St. Lucie County and funded through the Children’s Services Council, this program will focus on the unique impact fathers make in raising healthy children and how to become involved early in a child’s life, as well as the roots of fatherhood and becoming a positive role model as a father. | Read story
May 13, 2010

Baseball and Fatherhood

"Say this much for big league baseball: It is beyond question the greatest conversation piece ever invented in America," so said Bruce Catton, the Civil War historian and journalist.

ABC's John Berman chats with author Will Leitch about his new book.

For sportswriter Will Leitch, baseball was and is central to his relationship with his father, providing the grist for countless conversations and shared memories. | Read story
May 13, 2010

Upstate Fatherhood Coalition announces annual gala

In celebration of Father's Day the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition will hold the third annual Father's Day Gala on Thursday, June 17th at the Airport Marriott beginning at 6:30 pm to benefit the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition. The gala will be a celebration of fatherhood in the upstate and the impact fathers have on their children and therefore on the community as a whole.

The gala will announce the Upstate's Father of the Year and will be keynoted by former Lt. Governor Nick Theodore. The Master of Ceremony will be sports radio host Mickey Plyler. | Read story
April 30, 2010

Local organizations support strong families, fatherhood

The Milwaukee Brewers, Brewers Community Foundation, Frontier Airlines, and Mayor Tom Barrett's Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative will come together to celebrate the success of local fathers dedicated to strengthening their families.

Approximately 50 fathers and their children will board a chartered morning flight donated by Frontier Airlines on Saturday, May 22 to Minneapolis. The group will attend a breakfast hosted by Brewers baseball players LaTroy Hawkins and Rickie Weeks, enjoy a series of presentations about the importance of strong parenting, financial responsibility and higher education. Following the presentations, the group will travel to Target Field to watch the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Minnesota Twins. | Read story

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