This section provides web links, PDFs and video of recent news stories about fatherhood from news outlets around the world.

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October 7, 2010

5th Annual Fatherhood Summit continues to help Milwaukee Fathers

There is no textbook that teaches men how to be good fathers, but Milwaukee's Fatherhood Summit does its best to provide one. For the fifth year the summit has trained, and empowered nearly 7,000 men to become more responsible fathers.

Since 2005, Milwaukee's Fatherhood Summit and job fairs have helped 7,500 central city fathers to take steps to become a better parent for their children. Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative Founder Terence Ray said, "Empower someone to put on his Superman cape, if you will, and knock down some of those obstacles, in fact, to be a better father." | Read story
October 5, 2010

Dads are the 'Supermen' students need

The performance of America's public schools is embarrassing. That is the message of the compelling documentary "Waiting for 'Superman.' "

The film's title is intended to be a metaphor: America's schoolchildren wait for a savior to come and fix a system that prevents kids from achieving their potential, in the same way people would wait for Superman to arrive at the last minute to save a runaway school bus about to plunge off a bridge.

However, being as focused on responsible fatherhood as I am, I want to stretch the metaphor a bit further. | Read story
October 5, 2010

Domestic Abuse Rally for Teens Held at Capitol

There was a push Tuesday in Denver to make teens more aware about how relationships can turn violent.

The Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence held its annual rally at the Capitol. This year's focus is to increase awareness on teen dating violence | Read story
October 3, 2010

More than 100 dads take their children to school

More than 100 dads from Silver Creek accompanied their children to school on Sept. 21st as part of a national healthy families and responsible fatherhood initiative called Dads Take Your Child to School Day.

The day was collaboration between local schools and the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) and the New York State Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance (OTDA). The event was hosted locally by Chautauqua Opportunities Inc. | Read story
October 2, 2010

New group helps men pay child support

Marcus McDougaod, 23, had a troubled childhood, hustling on the streets, getting kicked out of school and moving from group home to group home. He has a 4-year old son and a pair of 6-month-old twins. He has no job and owes $323 in child support every month for his son.

He is not alone. According to Alamance County Child Support Enforcement, about 4,800 people in Alamance County are paying child support under a court order, an increase of about 800 cases from last year. | Read story
September 30, 2010

Obama talks fatherhood with Clubb family

It might have been any parents who were meeting in any living room in America.

Except that one of the parents was the president of the United States, and there were 20 reporters and photographers shuffling by.

Barack Obama spent about 10 minutes with Sandy Hatfield Clubb, her husband, Jeff Clubb, and their two children before holding an hour-long economic discussion in the family's northwest Des Moines backyard Wednesday. | Read story
September 20, 2010

Why We Need to Reimagine Masculinity

What’s the matter with men? For years, the media have delivered the direst of prognoses. Men are “in decline.” Guys are getting “stiffed.” The “war on boys” has begun. And so on. This summer, The Atlantic’s Hanna Rosin went so far as to declare that “The End of Men” is upon us.

There’s certainly some substance to these claims. As the U.S. economy has transitioned from brawn to brain over the past three decades, a growing number of women have gone off to work. Men’s share of the labor force has declined from 70 percent in 1945 to less than 50 percent today, and in the country’s biggest cities, young, single, childless women—that is, the next generation—earn 8 percent more than their male peers. Women have matched or overtaken men as a percentage of students in college and graduate school, while men have retained their lead in alcoholism, suicide, homelessness, violence, and criminality. Factor in the Great Recession, which has decimated male-heavy industries like construction and manufacturing, and it’s no wonder so many deadline anthropologists are down on men. But while the state of American manhood has inspired plenty of anxious trend pieces, few observers have bothered to address the obvious question: if men are going off the rails, how do they get back on track? | Read story
September 15, 2010

Single Dad Bill McLeod offers a multitude of parenting tips

Parenting is a tough job, and doing it solo makes it all that more difficult.

It might be getting a buzz among Hollywood types both on-screen and off, but it's a role few are prepared for in real life, according to Bill McLeod. | Read story
September 13, 2010

Father-son bonding a key to young men's development

Mike and Brandon McNealy spent almost every night for two months this summer under or in a beaten-down 1979 Lincoln Continental.

The Wilton, Calif., duo bought the jalopy through Craigslist, got it running and then set out to ready it for the demolition derby at the California State Fair.

McNealy, a heavy-equipment mechanic for the state, and his 16-year-old son stripped the car's interior and installed a steel roll cage. They put in a custom exhaust system and a floor shifter, rewired the car and replaced its stock gas tank with a racing one. | Read story
September 8, 2010

Having Kids, Especially Young Ones, Ramps Up Depression

Colic, crying, round-the-clock wakings — is it any wonder that parents experience high rates of depression in the first year after the birth of a child?

A study of British parents in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine has found that more than one-third of mothers and about one-fifth of fathers seem to have weathered depression sometime between becoming parents and their children's 12th birthday, with the most episodes occurring in the first year after birth. | Read story

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