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Dan Borgman, Father of Two

"There really are many things that inspire me every day. Like my daughter's creativity or how my son lives with his special needs."

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Lucas Boyd, Father of Three

"I am inspired by how emotionally balanced all three boys are. They are individuals who speak their mind and care for others."

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Joe Cannata, Father of Four, Grandfather of 13

"To me, fatherhood means being a good role model for my children by teaching them responsibility and always providing for them."

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Craig Carson, Father of Two

"I strive to be a “be there” dad. To be present when my sons need me, to be present at most of their activities and to be a role model for them. I strive to encourage them in whatever they are doing."

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Fernando Clavijo, Father of Two

"One of my funniest moments was when I was trying to show off for my kids because I used to do motor-cross and ride dirt-bikes. I ended up breaking my collarbone when I tried to show off a little bit. At the end of the day they were the ones laughing."

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Kevin Crumley, Father of Four

"I hope that my children would say that I love them, that I’m involved in their lives and that I model my own life off of what I teach them."

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Kendall Davis, Father of One

"I want to be a good role model for my daughter. I hope that she will be able to speak openly with me and that I am able to encourage her to reach for the stars while keeping bad influences away."

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Marcus Dixon, Father of Two

"I strive to be a father who is understanding and supportive. I want both children to know that they can come to me for anything."

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Mark Donaldson, Father of Three, Grandfather of One

"I strive to be a father who is a positive, good dad for his children."

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Gary Frith, Father of Four

"Fatherhood is not just being a Dad. That’s the fun part. Fatherhood carries a challenging responsibility. As a father you are responsible for the safety, security and most importantly the character of your children."

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David Gonzales, Father of Two

"I hope they would say that I love them and that I’m there for them whenever they need me. Also that they will never forget me."

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Jarvis Green, Father of Three

"I hope my kids would say "Our dad’s tough on us, but he loves us with a big heart!""

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Keith Hall, Father of One

"I want to be the best dad I can be. I would like my little girl to look back at her childhood and say, "My dad gave me the best he could"."

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Dan Hawkins, Father of Four

"Be there to help guide them - but not make choices for them. Allow them to fail - motivate them to succeed. Sometimes you have to be the potter and other times the blacksmith."

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Saul Hernandez, Father of Three

"I strive to be a dad that my kids can always look up to and be proud of."

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Joe Jansen, Father of Three

"It is important that my sons know I am there for them. No matter what this world throws at them, I am on their side and will not falter."

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Demetrious Jenkins, Father of Five

"So often, dads get caught up in other things and it’s hard to listen. Being a good listener also goes back to giving your children your time. You can’t listen to your kids if you’re not present in their lives."

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Larry Johnson, Father of One

"Fatherhood is everything. It's incredibly important to me."

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John Jones, Father of Four

"I want to be a dad who disciplines, but is also open to hearing my children's emotional needs."

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George Karl, Father of Three

"Being a basketball coach I'm not a dad of quantity, but more of a dad of quality. I'm traveling a lot, but when I have the opportunities, I try to take advantage of those and do them well."

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Matt Keil, Father of Two

"I love knowing how much I have to share with them and wonder what they will be able to share with me. I am becoming a better person because I have my children in my life."

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Ian Laperriere, Father of Two

"I try to model my parenting after my dad. I want to be exactly like him."

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Keith Lewis, Father of One

"Fatherhood means being a leader, a provider and a protector for your child."

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Lloyd Lewis, Father of Four

"I spend time with my boys to help them achieve what they can. I’m working at The Arc to help create acceptance and awareness of people with developmental disabilities throughout the community. I’m here to help people like Kennedy and Aidan."

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Dave Lilja, Father of Three

"I want to be someone they look up to and respect. I don't want to be just their dad, but a role model who teaches them how to be respectful and caring toward everyone around them."

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Scott Lyons, Father of One

"Fatherhood means being a teacher, role model and coach. Providing and being there for your child."

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Jesse Martin, Father of One

"Fatherhood has provided me with an opportunity to listen, learn and teach."

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Leonardo Martinez, Father of One

"Every time I see my child I am proud. Proud of her, of me; proud of us! I am extremely proud of the issues and obstacles we have overcome these past few years."

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David Meyer, Father of Two

"Fatherhood means many things. One of the most important characteristics of fatherhood is spending as much positive time with my children as possible. Another important aspect is having great communication skills with my children."

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Damon Meyers, Father of One

"I hope that Dakota will be able to say without any hesitation that I loved him unconditionally and was there for him when he needed me."

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Billy, BJ & Corey Richardson, Fathers of 12

"Fatherhood is an every day job. You must put your family first. Every decision you make depends on how it will impact your kids.  - BJ"

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Bill Ritter, Father of Four

"At the end of the day, fatherhood is the most meaningful thing I’ve done, but you have to give it time and attention. I hope my children will say I've done that."

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Chuck Robertson, Father of Three

"All three of them have been in the game and not on the sidelines. They’ve had the courage to get in there and try and if they fail, try again. They have also had the courage to fight for what they want."

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Robert Sanchez, Father of Five

"I strive to be an understanding father who is also a great listener."

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Jim Schneider, Father of Two

"I strive to be a father who always does the best he can for his children."

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Robert Sobel, Father of One

"I can’t wait to see him each and every morning and I can’t wait to see him at the end of every day. I love witnessing the day-by-day changes in his growth and his confidence and self-discovery. I love being there for him."

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Brett Stone, Father of One

"As soon as I get home from work my son runs as fast as he can to give me a big hug. To feel and see how much he loves me and to be able to give the same type of love in return is such a blessing."

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Arthur Stone, Father of Four, Grandfather of One

"The role of a parent is an honor whereas the role of a grandparent is a privilege. My son and his wife entrust me with the care of their baby boy every weekday and I can't think of a better way to spend my day."

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Jason Strickland, Father of Two

"The most important piece of advice I received not from a person, but from a Proverb (4:23) in the Bible which says, “Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” My role as a dad is to protect my children’s hearts as best I can."

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Alvin Tafoya, Father of Four

"My job is to help them navigate through life, but not to make all of the decisions for them. They are going to stumble and fall along this road called life. But, falling down and picking themselves back up is all part of the plan to help them grow."

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Joel Webster, Father of Two

"I am blessed to have two very funny children that can find humor in almost anything.  When I come home from a hard day at the office, they bring me back to reality. My children fill my life with joy."

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AJ Willert, Father of One

"I hope that my daughter would say she loves me and that I tried my hardest to make her happy."

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Thompson Williams, Father of Four

"I hope they would say that I am a good man to Native people. That is probably the best compliment you can give to a man."

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Ja'son Wilson, Father of One

"Fatherhood is more than a 10-letter word. It’s a lifetime commitment that provides eternal rewards."

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Kevin Wilson, Father of Four

"When it comes to my daughters’ welfare and preparation for life, I can’t wait for them to ask me about it, have to go teach them about it."

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Lance Wilson, Father of Nine

"I strive to be a leader. One who lives by example of what my children should grow up to become."

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Dale Yazzie, Father of One

"Fatherhood means giving my child love and support, being a positive role model and guiding her in the right direction. It is a responsibility that I enjoy."

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