This section provides PDFs and video of recent news stories about fatherhood which feature Colorado programs and grant recipients.

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June 21, 2010

Parenting program helps 15-year-old with fatherhood

Teray Esquibel was just 15 years old when he learned he was having son and faced a life-altering decision.

When his child, Avery, arrived three months early on April 30 he became a dad.

He then had to choose whether he would stay and be a father.

"I was doubting what kind of father would I be," says Esquibel. | Read story
June 21, 2010

Two springs men win state fatherhood awards

Two Colorado Springs men were selected as winners of three Father’s Day-related awards given by programs within the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Kevin Crumley, a father to four, was named the “2010 Be There for Your Kids Father of the Year” by the Colorado Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative. Three years ago, Crumley was 39 years old and had begun thinking his chance at fatherhood was over when he met his wife, Denise, who had three children from a previous marriage. | Read story
June 18, 2010

Stepping up to the role of dad

A quick Father's Day story I think is in order.

His name is Kevin Crumley, and it is not in the character of too many men to do what he has done.

The numbers bear this out: Father absence is at an all-time high in this country, a place where 25 million American kids live without a dad.

He was by every account a happy, content, successful and very single man five years ago, a man who had resigned himself, at age 39, to a life without marriage, without children. | Read story
June 17, 2010

Dads are different but important

When my daughter was born in 2005, I had the unique opportunity to become a stay-at-home dad. My daughter is now 5, and I've since returned to the work force.

When we recently looked back at photos of that era of our lives, my daughter asked, “Is Dad the one who took care of me when I was a baby?” To which my wife, perhaps not-so-jokingly replied, “Dad stayed home with you, but I'm the one who really took care of you.”

Ouch! I have to admit I wasn't prepared for that comment. I had always assumed I did a pretty good job during my crash course as a stay-at-home parent. | Read story
June 17, 2010

Mars' DogBlog - Super Dads

We stopped at the post office to mail a box on our way to work yesterday.

"What's in the box?" I asked. "Since you're sending it away, I hope it's not treats." I eyed the box hungrily.

"No, selfish boy, it's not dog treats. It's a present for John's dad for Father's Day," said Marianne. I sat down and watched with interest as she set the box on a machine and touched a computer screen several times. A few seconds later a sticker came out of the machine and Marianne put it on the box. She put her credit card in a slot on the machine and a receipt came out. She picked up the box and put it in a big bin. "All done!" she exclaimed. "I do love the self-service machine." | Read story
June 16, 2010

Colorado program helps dads become better men

For Keith Lewis, Father's Day has always reminded him of the dad he used to be and the one he hopes to be.

Lewis admits he was not a great father when his son, Reese, was born seven years ago.

However, he also admits a lot has changed and partially thanks to Colorado's Fatherhood Initiative.

Keith is a participant in the Urban Colors Arts & Mentoring program. Click here to learn more about this program. | Read story
June 16, 2010

A father's rights

Father’s Day reminds us of the importance of a father figure in the life of a child and, for some, it also brings to light fathers’ rights that are not often considered.

Children and those young at heart will be waking up their dad early Sunday morning so he may enjoy the breakfast they so lovingly prepared. Others will be making final arrangements for that already scheduled fishing trip, or have their present at hand to give to that person that has always been there. | Read story
June 16, 2010

Denver hosts the premiere of "The Evolution of Dad"

Wednesday, June 16th will mark one of the first premieres of "The Evolution of Dad" - a new fatherhood documentary that examines what it means to be a father in the 21st century. Hosted by the Colorado Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative, Be There for Your Kids campaign, the free screening (beginning at 6:30 pm) will include a question and answer ichat with Dana Glazer, the creator of the film. 850KOA, Colorado's Morning News, discusses the film with Dana. | Read story
June 14, 2010

Fatherhood initiative has free help for dads

Colorado's Fatherhood Initiative has a $10 million grant to provide direct services to dads and their children.

The services are targeted to dads whose children are at risk of negative outcomes due to limited father involvement and limited economic support.

Fathers who are eligible include low-income, teenage parents, fathers of children with disabilities, single custodial dads, non-residential fathers, Spanish speaking fathers or families receiving child protective services. | Read story
June 12, 2010

Celebrating programs that help men become better dads

Father's Day, celebrated on the third Sunday of June, is the national tradition of honoring fathers of children of all ages. It also is the perfect time to applaud responsible fatherhood and programs that support healthy father-child relationships in Colorado.

With 27 funded programs across the state, the Colorado Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative is working with fathers and children to build strong relationships by providing free classes, mentoring, support systems and opportunities to help dads become the best fathers they can be. In October 2006, the Colorado Department of Human Services was awarded a five-year federal grant to strengthen paternal relationships and improve the well being of Colorado's children. Colorado is one of just two locations nationwide, including Washington, D.C., to receive this federal community access grant. The initiative distributes more than $1.1 million in awards to community and faith-based fatherhood programs. The services provided by these programs target fathers of children who are at risk of negative outcomes due to limited father involvement or limited economic support. | Read story

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