This section provides PDFs and video of recent news stories about fatherhood which feature Colorado programs and grant recipients.

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September 4, 2011

Back to school: Tips for Colorado Dads and Kids

Colorado dads can prepare to make the transition into the new school year as seamless as possible for the entire family. The steps dads take to prepare their children today can last long into the academic year and play an important role in improving their kids’ academic performance, helping them connect with peers and ensuring their safety at school.

Help prepare your children to go back to school by following these easy tips courtesy of the National Center for Fathering. By serving as a reliable resource year round, you will be taking a more active role in your children’s academic success. | View PDF
August 25, 2011 - Adventure Dad

I recently came across a website dedicated to dads called Run under the Colorado Department of Human Services, the site has information on fatherhood programs and area events/activities for dads/mentors and kids. They have an awards program called: Be There for Your Kids. They also have a Help Line for dads where you can get all sorts of help with your fathering and kid related issues. | Read story
August 1, 2011

New program helps men be better fathers, employees

Wanted: Someone who knows how to deal with conflict, communicate effectively, be respectful and hang in when the going gets tough.

It could be a posting for a job, but it could just as well be a personal ad in search of a man who knows how to be a great dad, which explains a little about the philosophy behind a new job training program starting Monday at the Center on Fathering in Colorado Springs. Called “Fathers as Providers,” the program is designed to help unemployed and low-income dads beef up their job and job-hunting skills, get them into work that is above an entry-level position, and boost them up the career ladder. | Read story
July 11, 2011

Classes help men, women become better parents

Lupe Gutierrez thinks the fatherhood classes offered by the Prowers County Department of Social Services "are a pretty cool deal," he said.

Gutierrez said he became acquainted with the program when he was going through a divorce and he wanted to be a better father when he saw his children.

He met Anthony LaTour with the Fatherhood Program and took 15 free classes to learn how better to be a good parent.

The classes are an opportunity for people who would like to learn how to handle issues differently than they may have in the past, he said. | Read story
July 5, 2011

Site Visit: Nonresident Fathers in the El Paso, CO, Child Welfare System

The National Quality Improvement Center for Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System (QIC-NRF) awarded subgrants in 2008 to projects in four States for fatherhood classes for nonresident fathers whose children have been removed from their homes. One of the four subgrants was awarded to the Center on Fathering (COF) of the El Paso County, CO, Department of Human Services (DHS) to locate and recruit nonresident fathers of children in the child welfare system to participate in fatherhood classes. The goal is to increase fathers' involvement with their children and the child welfare system.

The fatherhood classes meet for 20 weeks and use a curriculum developed by the QIC-NRF to support nonresident fathers in engaging their children. The curriculum covers topics such as navigating the child welfare system, supporting their children, and workforce issues. Between September 2008 and September 2010, 23 fathers participated in these classes. | Read story
July 1, 2011

Foster dad wins Father of the Year award

Jim Becker has made fatherhood his life’s work.

In addition to raising his own children, Becker has raised several foster kids as well as his wife’s children from a previous relationship. In total, he’s raised 18, with 13 under the care of he and his wife, Christal, today. | Read story
June 23, 2011

Rights groups mark opening of consolidated center in Aurora

With samples of Mexican and Somali cuisine and a silent auction, the Aurora Human Rights Center at 1400 Dayton Street opened to a crowd of more than 100 people on June 17.

The two-story building houses five human rights groups aimed at strengthening families, promoting civic engagement and imparting job-training skills: El Centro Humanitario, Lowry Family Center, Rights for All People, The Denver Foundation’s ‘Strengthening Neighborhoods’ branch, and the Somali Community Center of Colorado. City officials including Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates, Aurora City Councilman Brad Pierce, and Regional Transportation District board member Tom Tobiassen were in attendance. | Read story
June 20, 2011

Child welfare systems working to get more dads into the equation of safe homes

Richard Jama had been searching for his daughter for weeks when he discovered she was living with strangers, foster parents chosen for her by child welfare workers.

When the social workers took the little girl, who had been abused by her mother's boyfriend, they asked the child's mother where the father was.

"She said I had gone back to Africa," the Liberian immigrant said.

In fact, Jama hadn't gone anywhere — and he was still paying child support. | Read story
June 20, 2011

Program increases fathers paying child support

Programs to promote fatherhood responsibility for children in Colorado are being credited for an increase in fathers paying child support.

According to a study by the Colorado Department of Human Services released Sunday, a federal program that distributed $10 million in federal funds helped 2,500 dads in one of 63 programs take a greater emphasis in the lives of their children. | Read story
June 20, 2011

Report shows significant gains in paternal involvement

From a significant increase in child support compliance to a larger percentage of at-risk fathers who are now aware and better equipped to handle the needs of their children, Colorado’s federally funded Promoting Responsible Fatherhood (PRF) Initiative has helped thousands of fathers in the state be there for their kids, according to an evaluation report released today. The report analyzed outcomes from 63 community and faith-based fatherhood programs funded by this Initiative and the more than 5,000 fathers who participated in the programs since October 2006.

The most striking data issued from this report was a significant increase in child support payments from participating fathers. An analysis of several hundred program participants in 2010 revealed an increase of more than 37 percent in child support payments from the time of enrollment to three months after the completion of a fatherhood program. Within the Jefferson County Fatherhood Program specifically, a 62 percent decrease in arrears owed by dads following the completion of the program was achieved. | Read story

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