This section provides PDFs and video of recent news stories about fatherhood which feature Colorado programs and grant recipients.

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January 9, 2015

Thoughtful Parenting: Nurturing fathers Susan Phillips/For the Steamboat Today

A growing body of research shows that children with two involved parents demonstrate lowered rates of juvenile delinquency and improved mental health, self-esteem and academic success.

Two parents, whether living together or not, can work together to help ease the demands and stress of parenting — and the very differences between parents can benefit children by providing a broader range of interpersonal experience, diversity and problem solving.

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December 9, 2014

Fatherhood Research & Practice Network announces funding award

FRPN has selected their first group of funded projects, which will receive a total of $350,000. All four projects involve randomized controlled trials (RCTs); are led by researcher/practitioner teams; and involve the collection of data from program participants and/or staff at pre- and post-program time points to assess changes in father-child relationships and co-parenting. The teams and their funded projects include: 
  1. Dr. Bright Sarfo and Mr. Joseph Jones (Center for Urban Families, Baltimore, MD). An RCT of the Developing All Dads for Manhood and Parenting (DAD MAP) fatherhood curriculum, a facilitated 16-session program. 
  2. Dr. Paul Lanier (University of North Carolina) and Ms. Patricia Beier (Wayne Action Group for Economic Solvency, WAGES, Goldsboro, NC). An RCT of Circle of Parents, a mutual-aid program that uses a peer-support group format.
  3. Dr. Jennifer Bellamy (University of Denver, School of Social Work) with Metropolitan Family Services, Chicago, IL. An augmentation of a larger RCT of Dads Matter, a fatherhood intervention in home visiting settings, with a focus on the role of the home visitor.
  4. Dr. Young Il-Kim (Baylor University, Institute for Studies of Religion) and Dr. Brenda Oyer (The Ridge Project, Inc., Bowling Green, OH). An RCT of TYRO Dads, a facilitated, five-week, fatherhood program operated at 11 sites in Ohio.
The FRPN will solicit proposals for a new round of funding to conduct rigorous evaluations of fatherhood programs in spring 2015. Visit to view a full description of the funded projects. 



January 20, 2014

Families First sponsors Colorado Fatherhood Forums across the state.

The Colorado Fatherhood Council is in the process of transitioning from the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) to Families First where it will become a practitioner’s network for those working with fathers and families. To that Families First is planning five meetings across the state to listen to the needs of communities and programs and  introduce the work of the network.

The goal of these approximately 2-hour forums is to gather data that will help identify needs and assets that can be mobilized to promote fatherhood services and the building of the practitioner’s network.

  • Denver at Families First | 2163 S Yosemite St, Denver, CO 80231 on Feb 11 from 3-5 PM

  • Denver at Families First | 2163 S Yosemite St, Denver, CO 80231 on Feb 18 from 9:30-11:30 AM

  • Pueblo at Hope for Children | 801 W 4th St # 104, Pueblo, CO 81003 on Feb 12 from 1-3 PM

  • Montrose at Montrose County Dept of Health & Human Services | 1845 S. Townsend Ave., Montrose, CO 81401 on Feb 19 from 9-11 AM

  • Sterling at The Family Resource Center | 120 Main St, Sterling, CO 80751 on Feb 21 from 1-3 PM

Follow this link to complete the register form for the meeting(s) that you are able to attend. Registration is required as space is limited. Please forward this information to anyone you believe would be interested in participating. 

December 20, 2013

Temple University and the Center for Policy Research awarded Responsible Fatherhood Research Network Grant

Temple University — and in collaboration with its partners, researchers, evaluators and practitioners — has been awarded a grant to oversee the development of the Responsible Fatherhood Research Network. The three goals of the Network are to:

  1. Promote rigorous evaluation of responsible fatherhood programs nationwide;
  2. Provide training to researchers and practitioners to conduct
    better quality evaluations; and
  3. Disseminate information that leads to e_ ective fatherhood
    practice and research.

The project will be led by Jay Fagan, Ph.D., professor of social work at Temple University and founding editor of the research journal, Fathering, and Jessica Pearson, Ph.D., director of the Center for Policy Research (CPR). CPR is a Denver-based research firm with extensive experience in evaluating responsible fatherhood programs. Other team members include: James Earl Davis, Ph.D., of Temple University, College of Education; Vivian Gadsden, Ed.D., of the University of Pennsylvania’sNational Center for Fathers and Families (NCOFF), the first university based research center focused on fathers and families; Jane Venohr, Ph.D., research  associate / economist, of CPR; and The Bawmann Group, a Denver-based communications firm with experience in developing strategies and materials to reach fathers.

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December 20, 2013


The nationally representative survey shows fathers' involvement has increased slightly since the government first asked in 2002, coinciding with research since then that bolsters the benefits of hands-on fathering. | Read story
March 1, 2012

Colorado Reads: Renewed focus on early literacy

From the moment a child is born language and literacy skills begin to develop. That's why the Governor's office is putting new energy and attention into getting kids, and their parents, fired up about reading as early as possible. | Read story
October 12, 2011

Child support court solves problems, reconnects families

So far this year, Colorado has collected $248 million in child support. Millions more goes unpaid. One county is using a revolutionary system to get more dollars to more children.

In a court room in Jefferson County, you'll find a lot of parents who are there because they have to be, yet say nothing but nice things about the process.

"They are thanking us for introducing them back to their children and helping them feel confident that they are doing the right thing," Katie Smith said. | Read story
September 23, 2011

Fatherhood is everyone's issue

When Sara Dahle hits the bed, exhausted from a hard day’s work, she knows she can count on Joseph Garcia to be up and making a warm bottle after the first midnight cry from their infant son, Bentely Garcia.
Joseph Garcia kisses his 1-year-old son, Bentely Garcia, on Monday while playing at Santa Rita Park. Joseph Garcia lacked an involved father while growing up, and that has inspired him to be a strong presence in Bentely’s life.

“He’s a really good dad,” Dahle said of her longtime boyfriend. “He cooks, cleans, plays with Bentely, sings to him and teaches him.”

Joseph Garcia simply shrugged at Dahle’s compliments. Of course, he does those things, he said, “Bentely means everything to me.” | Read story
September 11, 2011

Helping Muslims feel at home

"No, no, not now!" exclaimed the young Somali mother as she jumped up from her prayer rug.

"Not now. We are praying!"

Red-faced, I apologized profusely, quickly shutting the door to the small room. Clearly, I was too early. Yet, no sooner had I sat down to wait for her, she opened the door and reappeared.

"I am ready now," she said, her smile radiating eagerness, her arms hugging a copy of the U.S. Constitution that I had promised to help her review.

Many Somali moms are studying to become U.S. citizens. While all of them want to keep their religious traditions, they still aspire for their children to become fully American, succeed at school and in life, and strive for college. | Read story
September 4, 2011

Jefferson County court supports fathers' efforts to pay support for their children

Jefferson County District Court, Division R, is what traditionally would be referred to as the nonsupport docket. This is where fathers comeand most are fathers — when they are in contempt of court involving orders to pay child support.

In the clunky parlance of courtspeak, these men are called obligors. In common vernacular, they are called deadbeats.

Court is in session Friday mornings before Magistrate Marianne Tims. She cheerfully reminds the recalcitrant she is here every Friday and they will be, too, until they make their promised payments. | Read story

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