“Fatherhood is not just a role – provider, disciplinarian, friend – it’s also a relationship, one that transforms us as much as our kids.”
- Samuel Osherson, The Passions of Fatherhood. 1995.

As we listen to Colorado Dads talk about fatherhood it is very evident that they feel that one of the most important things they can do as a father is to “be there” for their kids. Being present for your child will look different based on your life circumstances and your child’s age, but at a minimum, it means doing everything you can to connect with your child in manner that helps them to thrive and enjoy life. The noted developmental psychologist, Urie Bronfenbrenner, said it this way, "every kid needs at least one adult who is crazy about him."

Your daily choices to “be there” for your child are relational decisions that involve not only your child but also other important people in their life. How you relate with your child’s mother, teachers, after school activities and friends helps them to grow to their full potential.

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