Tommy Maloney’s latest book “25 Tips for Divorced Dads: How to Create Memories and Grow Your Bonds with Your Children” is all about helping dads still be there for their kids even if they do not live in the same state. The book comes from personal experiences as Tommy was not only going through a divorce in 2008, but travels all over the United States for work made this life changing event very uneasy. The book also doubles as a workbook so dads can create their own personal stories to commemorate their special bond with their kids.

Tommy Maloney International is the speaking business that Tommy has created to get his positive message to the masses regarding the need to have dads of divorce to stay involved with their kids as best as they can.

When Tommy is home he spends time with his son Connor. They both play ice hockey as goalies. Tommy is not the only writer in the family; Connor has co-written a book with a friend that Tommy’s publishing company will publish and incorporate the material the kids wrote into a coloring book later this year. The coloring book will also have tips to help kids get through a divorce at a young age.

Tommy is available to speak to your organization about his experience as both a child and parent of divorce. Please feel free to contact Tommy at or 303.263.3118.