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  • Online Registration Available for Upcoming Curriculum Trainings
  • Updated Program Listings on
  • Colorado Fatherhood Programs and Dads Present at National Fatherhood Conference
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  • Pops in Pop Culture Survey Results Revealed
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Online Registration Available for Upcoming Curriculum Trainings

Next month, the Colorado Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative will host curriculum trainings on the 24/7 Dad and Inside Out Dad curricula and the Caring Dads Program. These trainings are free for all currently funded community access programs (hotel accommodations are not included). Other programs will be charged $150 to attend a training.

Specific information on each curriculum, payment methods and available hotel accommodations can be found in the event section of the Colorado Dads Web site.

  • 24/7 Dad and Inside Out Dad Curricula Trainings
    May 8-9, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Lowry Family Center
    4800 Oakland Street, Unit 3
    Denver, CO 80239

  • Caring Dads Program Training
    May 19-20
    8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Families First
    2163 S. Yosemite
    Denver, Colorado 80231

Updated Program Listings on

Programs throughout Colorado are working hard to empower dads and help them be there for their kids. The Colorado Dads site has recently been updated to feature six new fatherhood programs across the State including: Arapahoe/Douglas Works!, Dedicated Hearts/La Gente, Golden Independent Schools, New Horizons Christian Church, Montrose County Health and Human Services – Empowering Dads Program and Strong Fathers: Honoring Our Traditional Ways. Visit our fatherhood programs section to learn more about the work being done in your community.


Colorado Fatherhood Programs and Dads Present at National Fatherhood Conference

In early March 2008, the Fathers & Families Coalition hosted the 8th annual National Fatherhood and Families Conference in Phoenix. This conference featured educational sessions, exhibits and keynote addresses for the more than 500 fathers and fatherhood practitioners in attendance. The conference also had a strong Colorado contingent with presentations featuring two community access funded programs and Colorado dads who have changed their lives by participating in a local fatherhood program.

Lyric Wiesley, fatherhood program administrator at the Larimer County Office of Child Support Enforcement, and Al Wengerd, fatherhood program administrator at the Jefferson County Office of Child Support Enforcement, delivered an educational session on how to build bridges between incarcerated dads and county child support units based on successful outcomes the two have seen with their programs. Why should programs work with child support enforcement offices? Because that office is one of only a few social service agencies that has direct contact with “invisible” dads. Lyric and Al’s presentation focused on how programs can get child support enforcement staff buy in, dads to deepen their passion for fathering and how to emphasize the long-term view of fathering with at-risk dads.

Just two years ago, Paul Bassingthwaite and Michael Reilly were completing the Nurturing Fathers Program through the Dads Assisting Dads (DADS) program in Chaffee County. At the National Fatherhood and Families Conference, the two were invited to speak about their pasts and how participating in the program has changed their lives. They both sit on the board of DADS now. According to Paul, "The program made me realize I wasn't fathering the way I wanted to and I could do a better job. I just didn't know how. Dads are not a disposable commodity. The dad's role in our society is to be the provider and work, but it's so much more than that."


Program Spotlight - Urban Colors Arts & Mentoring, Denver

  1. What services do you provide to fathers with your community access grant funding?
    Urban Colors Arts & Mentoring (UCAM) provides group and individual fatherhood mentoring skills training to fathers in the Denver metro area using the Los Padres Madres fatherhood curriculum. We offer employment assistance as well as opportunities for fathers of diverse ages to build support networks with one another and engage in healthy activities with their children.

  2. What do you ultimately want to achieve with your program?
    • To facilitate long-term, positive relationships between fathers and their children.
    • To encourage the healthy physical, mental and social development of fathers.
    • To provide community assistance to fathers of all ages.
    • To support fathers in meeting their financial responsibilities to their children with employment assistance.

  3. Describe at typical day at UCAM.
    No day is alike and this is what we believe is the best aspect of having flexibility in our program. Each day at UCAM, fathers are given skills and tools to be a stronger, more loving parent. This is all done in a non-traditional fashion. Fathers have the ability to discuss current situations and while doing so get sound advice from other fathers.

  4. What is the best part about working with fathers?
    The best part about working with fathers is hearing that they do love their children very much and realize that they are their responsibility. Most dads want to try to turn things around for the best interest of their child.

  5. Share a program/father success story with us. 
    Just to highlight one story, UCAM held a day at the Denver Zoo with participating fathers and their children. We spent five hours at the zoo observing the enlightening interactions between the children and their fathers. This event was held one week after participants completed our effective listening course. It was amazing to see fathers dedicating their attention to listening effectively to the thoughts and joys of their children.  We were able to see how some fathers never realized how much the children appreciated being at the zoo with their dad vs. being there with school teachers or other professionals. It was almost like the children were tour guides for the dads.

Pops in Pop Culture Survey Results Revealed

Thank you to everyone who participated in our online Pops In Pop Culture survey. The idea behind the survey was to explore how fatherhood characters from the media have affected our society as well as the impact they have had on us personally as children, fathers or spouses.

In our culture we often take for granted the multitude of media images that we are bombarded with each day. Furthermore, we don’t always realize how they affect us. A 2006 survey of fathers by the National Fathering Institute asked fathers to identify their obstacles to good fathering. Surprisingly, the second highest answer was the negative way in which the media and pop culture portrayed fathers and the social stigma that this created for fathers.

Mulling through our survey results, it became obvious that the responses often said more about the individual who completed the survey than it did about the character they identified. Many survey participants related the character they picked to their own father, or in some cases lack of a father, pointing out differences and similarities.

April Featured Father

George Karl

Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl is the most recent dad featured on the Colorado Dads Web site. A father of three, George strives to teach his children to be accountable and responsible while also keeping the childlike wonder of Christmas alive at his house each year. Here is a brief snippet of his thoughts on fatherhood:

  • What is your proudest moment as a dad?
    For me it's watching my children grow. It doesn't come in one instant. Just seeing them improve and move forward in their daily lives. I have two older children and I'm very proud of their success and how they handle themselves. And I have a young child. That is a whole different program, but seeing a three-year-old grow up is almost inspirational on a daily basis.

  • What is the most important piece of advice you’ve received about fatherhood?
    They're yours, so love them everyday. If they're having trouble in school, or they're acting bratty or you think they're too spoiled...they're yours. Everyday it's your job to make an improvement and direct them in a better way. If they're struggling, you're struggling. You have to understand that they're yours no matter what. It's not basketball, you can't trade them. They're yours, so love them no matter what life throws at you. 

Father’s Day 2008

Did you know that June 15, 2008 will mark the 99th annual Father’s Day? Plans are underway for the Colorado Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative to participate in many community events throughout the State leading up to this important date. In the meantime, do you know of a 99-year-old father who has a great story to tell about his relationship with his children? We’d like to raise awareness of several generations of fathers through media coverage and spotlights on the Colorado Dads site during the month of June. Please contact Maggie Spain with a suggestion or for more information.


Upcoming Events

$2 Deal for Dads and Kids at Del Taco – On the last Sunday of every month, five Del Taco locations in the Denver metro area offer dads and their kids two regular tacos and a ½ pound bean and cheese burrito for $2 from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. This offer is good at the following locations:

  • 7506 Parkway Dr. – Lone Tree- 80127
  • 24023 E. Prospect Ave. - Aurora - 80013
  • 50 W. Belleview – Englewood - 80110
  • 5240 S. Wadsworth – Lakewood – 80123
  • 11155 E. Arapahoe Pl. - Centennial - 80012

Del Taco Car Washes
On Saturday, May 10 and Saturday, June 14 Del Taco will host car washes to benefit the Colorado Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative. These washes will be held at the restaurant’s Englewood location from 11-2 p.m. on both days. Twelve volunteers (six parents and six children) are needed on each day. If you or a father/family you work with is interested in volunteering, please contact Maggie Spain. Volunteers will receive a coupon for a free lunch at the restaurant.

Denver Bar Association Legal Clinics
These do-it-yourself legal clinics are offered at different times throughout the month at locations across the Denver metro area. Instructional topics include: immigration, housing, bankruptcy, small claims, collections, family law and divorce. Spanish interpreters are available at many clinics.

Parent Pathways 5K Run/Walk
Running, Walking and Strolling to Celebrate Motherhood – Parent Pathways, a current community access funded program, will host this race on Saturday, May 10 to raise awareness of how their teen parents are overcoming many challenges to provide for their families. Participants in this race will also be able to qualify for the BolderBoulder.


Regional Fatherhood Forums

Front Range Fatherhood Forum
Held on the third Friday of every month from 9:00-10:30 a.m. For more information, contact Amy Davis from Lifelong Adult Education Services at 303.573.0839 x107.

Boulder/Larimer/Weld County Fatherhood Forum
Held on various days throughout the month. For more information, contact Tyler Osterhaus, Family Focus Program Manager, Weld County Department of Social Services, Family Focused Prevention Unit at 970.352.1551 X622

Arkansas River Area Fatherhood Team
A monthly meeting in Pueblo or Cañon City for lunch, encouragement and for sharing ideas related to working with fathers. For more information, contact George Hoherd from the Community Partnership for Child Development at 719.635.1536 x262.

Southwest Fatherhood Coordination Council
Time and dates to be determined. For more information, contact Diana Buza from The Pinon Project at 970.564.1195 x41.

Northwest Fatherhood Forum
Time and dates to be determined. For more information, contact Steve Aurand from Garfield County Department of Human Services at 970.625.5282 x624.

Northeast Fatherhood Forum
Time and dates to be determined. For more information, contact Jackie Reynolds from Rural Solutions at 970.526.3216.


Check out to register for free or low-cost opportunities for dads to connect with their kids. Current offers include:
. . .

$1 movies at the Carmike Chapel Hill Theater in Colorado Springs.
. . .

Chipotle burrito bucks.
. . .

Free admission to the Denver Children's Museum.

Each month, is excited to profile a Colorado dad and his view of fatherhood. If you know of a Dad who works hard to be there for his kids and should be profiled on the Colorado dads Web site, please contact Maggie Spain.

To speak with someone directly about fatherhood support services, please call:

1.877.695.7996 (English)
1.866.527.3264 (Spanish).

This line is staffed by trained volunteers at Families First.

To speak with someone directly regarding the Be There For Your Kids public awareness campaign or the Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative, please contact an individual listed below.

Colorado Department of Human Services Contact Information:
Rich Batten
Fatherhood Specialist
Colorado Department of Human Services

Mary Roberto
Manager, Family Strengthening Section
Colorado Department of Human Services, Colorado Works Division

The Bawmann Group Contacts:
(regarding the public awareness campaign materials – Web site, advertising and media relations).

Jennifer Nuhfer
Vice President of Communications
The Bawmann Group

Maggie Spain
Account Manager
The Bawmann Group