Colorado Practitioners' Network for Fathers & Families

The Practitioner's Network for Fathers & Families is a coalition of practitioners, fathers, administrators, and other stakeholders committed to enhancing services across the state that will result in the children of Colorado having long-term healthy relationships with their father or a father figure. The mission of the Network is to collaboratively work to initiate, promote and support services that decrease barriers to and increase healthy father involvement with children, families and communities.  To become a part of the network follow the link at the end of this post

The Network seeks to accomplish its mission by:


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The Grateful Dad Radio hour is a conversation about men…at home, at work, and at play, held every Monday afternoon streamed online via Castle Rock Radio.

Each week Doug Gertner, Ph.D. leads an engaging discussion on issues of interest to, and about men.

  • Creating and Building Community among men and women listeners
  • Supporting Personal Actualization of men and women listeners
  • Offering Opportunities for guests and listeners to share resources

Mondays, 1:00–2:00 p.m., Mountain Time, on Castle Rock Radio


The men they will become*

Our sons will become men. The question is what kind and when. Masculinity, what we expect from men, is a cultural concept. Joe Ehrmann, “head coach” of Coach for America believes that our society does a terrible job of teaching boys how to become men. Joe’s assessment is that the standard criteria of athletic ability, sexual conquest and economic success create a false masculinity that sets men up for failure. It produces a compare and compete mentality that leaves most men feeling isolated and alone.

More and more men are recognizing the emptiness of such pursuits but often it takes the unselfish love of another who is willing to peel away the façade and tenaciously pursue a man’s heart to open them up to the possibility of change. As an introduction to the theme of his book, Wrestling with Love: How men struggle with intimacy with women, children, parents, and each other, Samuel Osherson insightfully recalls a scene from The Wizard of Oz.