A new approach on child support


Meyer: In Colorado, a new approach on child support
By Jeremy Meyer | The Denver Post

Colorado is one of eight states participating in a five-year federal pilot program looking at taking a different approach to the child support problem — more of a carrot than a stick.

The state-run, federally funded, $2.3 million program being offered in five counties helps parents who are able to work but haven't been able to pay support because they are unemployed or underemployed.

Getting noncustodial parents more involved in their child's lives is at its core.

The program, called the Colorado Parent Employment Project, offers parenting classes, teaches job skills and assists clients in modifying child support orders.

So far, about 900 people have been admitted. In the program's first six months, 68 percent of those who get the enhanced services found full-time employment and 77 percent are paying child support. A quarter didn't have legal access to their children but now do.

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